With the introduction of LEGO Insiders, LEGO has introduced a new way to accumulate membership points in the form of scanning QR codes from purchased set instructions. This applies to most sets from year 2018 and later so if you did keep them, it’s good news!

For each QR code scanned, you’ll get 20 membership points.

You’ll need the LEGO Builder app and here’s how it works!

From the LEGO Builder app :

1)Click the QR code icon next to the search box. Allow the app to use the camera

2)Use the camera to scan the QR code on the building instructions using the app

3)Once you’ve successfully scanned it, an animation of the box will appear, click ‘Earn points’ below.

4)You’ll probably be asked to do some basic arithmetic problems to “prove you’re an adult”. Don’t fret if you don’t know one, we believe you can try until you get an easy oneClick ’Join us’ to create an account or ’Log in’ to log into your account if you have not set automatic logins in your browser. You’ll then be routed to the LEGO.com site where you can click to register the set.

5)Enjoy your newly registered set and 20 extra Insiders points!




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