Let’s take a look at this Gift With Purchase set 40583 Houses of the World I.

Some details on the purchase threshold is now live with it being available from 15-25 Jan 2023 with a purchase threshold of USD250/€250/£220/AUD400 respectively at LEGO.com

 Box Experience

The front of the box shows an angled view of the set and shows the modular style where the floors are able to be easily detached for ease of play. A small icon on the top right of a present with a bow probably shows us that it is a Gift with Purchase set.

The back the box shows the addition of a Chihuahua and the interior of the open back house.

An excerpt from LEGO shows that this is 1 of 4 planned sets in this collection.

The modular design means this house can be combined with others from the collection (40590, 40594 and 40599) – each available separately


Contents of the box include 4 packs of elements (2 each of bags 1 and bags 2), a sticker sheet, an instruction manual and 6×12 plate.

The sticker sheet carries designs that are likely influenced with South American culture.


The build naturally starts off with the first level, the window and window frame is built with a side building technique. We have not come across the 1×2 pill shaped tile before so that’s probably pretty new to the element lineup of LEGO.

The first floor consists of a porch, pathway and a brown chihuahua along with a solitary tree, likely some type of palm tree.

The interior has a round dining table with two seats, a coffee table with two armchairs , an oven, a fridge and a prep counter as well as a poster of houses on the hills that are common sights in South America.

The second level has planters with flowers outside along with a two toned roof.

The interior shows a bed with a traditional quilt, another poster, a sofa and carpet along with a TV console, a flat TV and other decorations. We can’t quite put our finger on the conical shaped item to the left of the TV though.

The final build is pleasing with contrasting but pleasing bright orange first level and a bright blue second level echoing some houses in countries like Ecuador or Colombia. There is a simple top with a small antenna dish.

The house of course, is not minifigure scale but each level of the house is able to be removed easily for access or for a better look at the interior if needed.


This charming set will definitely get shelf time in our household. There is no news yet on the distribution threshold needed to get this 348pcs set yet, but with 4 planned sets, we would say that this is a great start to the series.

*Post publication, threshold of acquisition is updated on LEGO.com from 15-25 Jan 2023 with a purchase threshold of USD250/€250/£220/AUD400 

The set used for the review was sent to us by The LEGO Group for the purpose of an honest review. Provision of sets do not in any way influence or guarantee a positive review.




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