Here’s our early review on the upcoming 71453 Izzie and the Bunchu Bunny from the all-new Dreamzzz theme. They are under pre-order on and will be on general retail in August 2023.

Box Experience


All Dreamzzz sets comes in boxes of predominantly blue, the front shows Bunchu and Lizzie chasing after the Grimspawn and the kidnapped original Bunchu plush
The back of the box shows the two alternate builds for Bunchu.


Unboxing the package nets one instruction manual and 3 packs of elements. There are no stickers in this set.

Build Experience

The finished build is cute. Our 7 year old needed some help with some of the assembly of the joints but was relatively happy with the build.

For all Dreamzzz sets, there looks to be at least one simple conversion to be done with each main build, for this set, you have Bunchu in her Bee form or Bunchu in her skating form. Changing between forms is relatively easy but unfortunately the seat in use for Lizzie during the Bee Wing form is insufficiently supported and falls out far too easily and leads to the need for some reassembling during play.
We assume that this was a tradeoff in making the set easier to convert.


(We do apologize for the inconsistent lighting in our photos that make it seem like Bunchu comes in two colours) A few simple changes and Bunchu is now zooming around in skates along with new protective gloves.

Minifigures and accessories.

Lizzie comes with two expressions and a cool transluscent blueish purple hair

Here’s a shot of the back of Lizzie with dual molded legs

The villain and the bunny. The grimspawn in black comes in a new form factor for LEGO and features a place for it to grip common LEGO accessories under his armpits. Not the most convenient or stable place to grip long items but it’s slightly better than the Nexo Knight villains introduced previously.

The hourglass is an integral part of the protagonists as they have as much time as the sand to conjure up their dreams.


This set intrigued us the most initially when the wave was introduced and with it coming in at a USD19.99 price point, we are sure that this will be relatively popular among the kids. A decent set but we were bummed out that the “mech seat” fell off too easily during play. We give the set a 4/5 rating.

The set comes out in August 2023 and will retail for 19.99 USD in LEGO and retail stores

The set used for the review was sent to us by The LEGO Group for the purpose of an honest review. Provision of sets do not in any way influence or guarantee a positive review.



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