Along with the usual double seasonal releases for the Lunar New Year, LEGO has also released a lifestyle type set in the shape of the 40648 Money Tree. Let’s take a quick look at the set.

Box Experience

The front and back of the box shows the front and back view of the finished product which is a “money tree” filled with kumquats/tangerines, red envelopes and gold coins. All these are common symbols of prosperity and good luck in cultures celebrating the Lunar New Year.

This tree is usually displayed at homes during the Lunar New Year (sometimes extended throughout the year:) ) with varying sizes, from small tabletop pots of kumquat plants at home to big potted plants of mandarin oranges in business establishments and the like. Apart from citrus fruits, plant branches such as silver willow blossoms, cherry blossoms and peach blossoms are also commonly used.


Unboxing the pack yields 2 pack 1’s and pack 4’s, and 1 each of pack 2-3 with a loose Technic beam and an instruction manual. No stickers in this set, sweet!

Build Experience


The first few packs provides the elements to build the red pot with surrounding soil and the base of the tree. At the centre of the tree is the Technic beam to give the whole build the sturdiness it needs.

The whole build looks random from afar, but it is a pretty symmetrical build with multiple modules of tangerines/coins/leaves/red envelopes hanging from the branches of the tree. The tangerine/coin/red envelope combo represents wealth and prosperity

The many decorative elements included in the set include 14 red envelopes and 10 golden coins. Also included are two buildable gold ingots (full of drum lacquered pieces) to be placed on the pot itself.

Here are some final shots of the build including a shot of it together with set 80110 Lunar New Year Display


We believe that this set is a perfect little gift for the Lunar New Year season which can be built and used for the season and quickly stored for the next year!
The build is pretty simple (as long as the angles are followed) and eye catching
We give this set a solid 4 stars.

This 336pcs set is already available for sale at most locations around the world starting 24th December 2022

The set used for the review was sent to us by The LEGO Group for the purpose of an honest review. Provision of sets do not in any way influence or guarantee a positive review.



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