40293 – Christmas Roundabout revealed

A LEGO monobrand in Russia has released images of what looks like the upcoming Christmas promotion set – 40293 Christmas Roundabout. It seems that you can crank the mechanism and a small display turns around and another small play feature seems to have been included which “propels” the train out if the gates are left open. It’s listed on the site for 1,299 Russian rubles.

This series has recently been very collectible with impressive sets of late. We have had no trouble clearing space off our desk to display these wonderful creations. We doff our hats at the design and concept team (Images of past years promotional set are from Brickset).

More images of the set can be seen below. We think it’ll come in via promotions somewhere in the November timeframe for the rest of the world.



  1. I think the picture on the back shows that the train can be taken out to play with not propel the train out of the display. Although randomly launching the train out would be pretty funny to add to a set….???


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