Promobricks has been sent pictures of upcoming LEGO City theme type accessory polybags that will be presumably sold in LEGO Brand Stores on the 1st of June 2018 for Euro 3.99 each. These City theme type accessories were also released back in the 1990’s and sporadically in the years after that. They have been given a special branding xtra and as Reddit commentator ncx85 notes, they could very well be made from parts produced using sustainable methods as promised by LEGO early this year.

Update: They have also been found at LEGO House Billund Denmark(Thanks Brickset) and in the UK for 40 DKK and £2.99 respectively.
According to manifests, they will reach the US in August.

The main themes of each pack look to be (Post updated with official names : Thanks avenueofbricks who has written a full review of all the polybags)

40309 – Food Accessories
40310 – Botanical Accessories
40311 – Traffic Light
40312 – Streetlamps (includes the new lantern element)
40312 – Bicycles

Let’s hope that these packs turn out in all LEGO stores in the coming month too.
If you missed the link up top, there is now a full review of the sets by avenueofbricks

Via Promobricks and Steineflut(Jan)




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