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[Updated July 2022] Full LEGO Brickheadz collection list

*Updated 20 July 2022, Full LEGO Brickheadz collection list

*Only sets available for purchase are listed and we have left out duplicate sets that differ only in packaging.

Set ImageSet Number
AvailabilitySet Name
Box #
1Brickheadz 1
2Brickheadz 1
3Brickheadz 1
4Brickheadz 1
415892017Captain America5Brickheadz 1
415902017Iron Man
6Brickheadz 1
415912017Black Widow
7Brickheadz 1
8Brickheadz 1
415932017Captain Jack Sparrow
9Brickheadz 1
415942017Captain Armando Salazar
10Brickheadz 1
11Brickheadz 1
12Brickheadz 1
414962017 SDCCSupergirl
13#LEGOSDCC 2017
414962017 SDCCMartian Manhunter
14#LEGOSDCC 2017
414972017 SDCCSpider-Man
15#LEGOSDCC 2017
414972017 SDCCVenom
16#LEGOSDCC 2017
414872017 Limited ExclusiveLloyd
17Brickheadz Exclusive
414882017 Limited ExclusiveWu
18Brickheadz Exclusive
414852017 Limited ExclusiveFinn
19Brickheadz Exclusive
414862017 Limited ExclusiveCaptain Phasma
20Brickheadz Exclusive
415982018The Flash
21Brickheadz Series 2
415992018Wonder Woman
22Brickheadz Series 2
23Brickheadz Series 2
24Brickheadz Series 2
25Brickheadz Series 2
416032018Kylo Ren
26Brickheadz Series 2
414982017 NYTF ExclusiveBoba Fett
27LEGO Star Wars New York Con 2017
414982017 NYTF ExclusiveHan Solo in Carbonite
28LEGO Star Wars New York Con 2017
402702018 Bee
29Brickheadz Seasonal
402712018 Bunny
30Brickheadz Seasonal
402722018 Witch
31Brickheadz Seasonal
402732018 Turkey
32Brickheadz Seasonal
402742018 Mr. Claus
33Brickheadz Seasonal
402742018 Mrs. Claus
34Brickheadz Seasonal
416042018Iron Man MK50
35No printed tile
36No printed tile
416062018Star Lord
37No printed tile
38No printed tile
416082018Han Solo
39No printed tile
40No printed tile
416102018Tactical Batman41No printed tile
416102018Superman42No printed tile
416112018Marty Mcfly43No printed tile
416112018Doc Brown44No printed tile
416132018Mr. Incredible45No printed tile
416132018Frozone46No printed tile
416142018Owen47No printed tile
416142018Blue48No printed tile
416152018Harry Potter49No printed tile
416152018Hedwig50No printed tile
416162018Hermione Granger51No printed tile
416172018Elsa52No printed tile
416182018Anna53No printed tile
416182018Olaf54No printed tile
416192018Darth Vader55No printed tile
416202018Stormtrooper56No printed tile
No official image yet40316Potentially unreleased setGeoffrey?57No printed tile
416122018Steve58No printed tile
416122018 Creeper59No printed tile
416212018 Limited ExclusiveRon Weasley60No printed tile
416212018 Limited ExclusiveAlbus Dumbledore61No printed tile
416222018Peter Venkman62No printed tile
416222018Slimer63No printed tile
416232018Ariel64No printed tile
416232018Ursula65No printed tile
416242018Mickey Mouse66No printed tile
416252018Minnie Mouse67No printed tile
416262018Groot68No printed tile
416262018Rocket Raccoon69No printed tile
416272018Luke Skywalker70No printed tile
416272018Yoda71No printed tile
416282018Princess Leia Organa72No printed tile
416292018Boba Fett73No printed tile
416302018Jack Skellington74No printed tile
416302018Sally75No printed tile
416312018Newt Scamander76No printed tile
416312018Gellert Grindelwald77No printed tile
416322018Homer Simpson78No printed tile
416322018Krusty the Clown79No printed tile
403542019Dragon Dance Guy80No printed tile
403492019Puppy81No printed tile
403502019Chick 82No printed tile
403512019Ghost83No printed tile
403522019Scarecrow84No printed tile
403532019Reindeer85No printed tile
403532019Elf86No printed tile
403532019Elfie87No printed tile
416342019 Walmart online exclusive (US) - limited to 5000pcsEmmet88*Exclusive foil sticker
416352019 Walmart online exclusive (US) - limited to 5000pcsWyldstyle89*Exclusive foil sticker
416362019 Target Red Card Exclusive (US) - limited to 5000pcsBenny90*Exclusive foil sticker
416372019 Target Red Card Exclusive (US) - limited to 5000pcsSweet Mayhem91*Exclusive foil sticker
403482019Birthday Clown92No printed tile
Placeholder Lady Liberty 40367403672019Lady Liberty93No printed tile
752322019Kylo Ren 94No printed tile
752322019Sith Trooper95No printed tile
404362020Lucky Cat96No printed tile
403792020Bear97No printed tile
403782020Pluto98No printed tile
403782020Goofy99No printed tile
403802020Sheep100No printed tile
403772020Donald Duck101No printed tile
404122020 - Only available as a Gift with Purchase in most marketsHagrid102No printed tile
404122020 - Only available as a Gift with Purchase in most marketsBuckbeak103No printed tile
404202021Gru104No printed tile
404202021Stuart105No printed tile
404202021Otto106No printed tile
404212021Belle Bottom107No printed tile
404212021Kevin108No printed tile
404212021BoB109No printed tile
403812020Monkey King110No printed tile
404222020Frankenstein111No printed tile
404252020Nutcracker112No printed tile
753172020The Child113No printed tile
753172020The Mandalorian114No printed tile
404662021Panda115No printed tile
404662021Baby Panda 1116No printed tile
404662021Baby Panda 2117No printed tile
404402021German Shepard118No printed tile
404402021Puppy119No printed tile
404412021Shorthair Cat120No printed tile
404412021Kitten121No printed tile
404422021Goldfish122No printed tile
404422021Fry123No printed tile
404432021Budgie124No printed tile
404432021Chick125No printed tile
404762021Daisy Duck126No printed tile
404772021Scrooge McDuck127No printed tile
404772021Huey128No printed tile
404772021Dewey129No printed tile
404772021Louie130No printed tile
404792021Dalmatian131No printed tile
404792021Puppy132No printed tile
40480Aug 2021Ginger Tabby133No printed tile
40480Aug 2021Kitten134No printed tile
40481Aug 2021Cockatiel135No printed tile
40481Aug 2021Chick136No printed tile
40482Aug 2021Hamster137No printed tile
40482Aug 2021Baby Hamster138No printed tile
40495June 2021Harry Potter139No printed tile
40495June 2021Hermione Granger140No printed tile
40495June 2021Ron Weasley141No printed tile
40495June 2021Hagrid142No printed tile
40496June 2021Lord Voldermort143No printed tile
40496June 2021Nagini144No printed tile
40496June 2021Bellatrix Lestrange145No printed tile
40490Purchase with Purchase June 2021 with general release July 2021Nya Samurai X146No printed tile
40490Purchase with Purchase June 2021 with general release July 2021Firstbourne Dragon147No printed tile
40490Purchase with Purchase June 2021 with general release July 2021Golden Lloyd148No printed tile
40492Aug 2021La Catrina149No printed tile
40539Feb 2022Ahsoka Tano150No printed tile
40540Feb 2022Lion Dance Guy151No printed tile
405432022?St. Bernard152No printed tile
405432022?Puppy153No printed tile
405442022?French Bulldog154No printed tile
405442022?Puppy155No printed tile
40549Feb 2022Demogorgan156No printed tile
40549Feb 2022Eleven157No printed tile
40552Feb 2022Buzz Lightyear158No printed tile
40553Feb 2022Woody159No printed tile
40553Feb 2022Bo Peep160No printed tile
40559Feb 2022Road Runner161No printed tile
40559Feb 2022Wile E. Coyote162No printed tile
40550Mar 2022Chip163No printed tile
40550Mar 2022Dale164No printed tile
40548Mar 2022Emma165No printed tile
40548Mar 2022Mel B166No printed tile
40548Mar 2022Mel C167No printed tile
40548Mar 2022Geri168No printed tile
40548Mar 2022Victoria169No printed tile
Brickheadz Hogwarts Professors40560Summer 2022Severus Snape170No printed tile
Brickheadz Hogwarts Professors40560Summer 2022Minerva McGonagall171No printed tile
Brickheadz Hogwarts Professors40560Summer 2022Alastor Moody172No printed tile
Brickheadz Hogwarts Professors40560Summer 2022Sybill Trelawny173No printed tile
40547Summer 2022Obi-Wan Kenobi174
40547Summer 2022Darth Vader175

40545Aug 2022Koi Fish176

40545Aug 2022Fry177

40546Aug 2022Poodle178

40546Aug 2022Puppy179

40554October 2022Jake180

40554October 2022Jake Sully181
403832020BrideN/ANo printed tile
403842020GroomN/ANo printed tile
2016 SDCCSuperman
2016 SDCCWonder Woman
2016 SDCCBatman
2016 SDCCJoker
414922016 SDCCIron Man
414922016 SDCCCaptain America
414932016 SDCCBlack Panther
414932016 SDCCDoctor Strange
415972018Go Brick MeN/ANo printed tile


    • This may not be a popular opinion for most that visit this page, but we are currently taking the option to list each Brickheadz once only although the packaging is different. This option may change in the future. We thank you for your proposal.

    • Yes, these are all the retail and “numbered” sets.
      You could let us know which ones do you have?

      Yes, We have excluded some double packs and exclusive store releases as those are promotional items without any change in actual Brickheadz numbers or figures.

  1. Was just recently introduced to brickheadz and they are fast becoming my favorite Legos to collect. I currently have 17. always looking for more.

  2. More brick heads have had official images, please update this list so I can keep track. Some don’t have official images but others do (like the pets and panda sets). Thank you very much! 😛

    • Sure. We’ve updated the list but we will wait till actual images come out instead of the low res datamined images from the compliance database.

          • I’m hoping the pet bed will still be able to fit on my shelf. My selves I got fit the stands perfectly, there’s no room for the stands to move. So I’m hoping the pet beds still fit. ?

          • It’s a problem if they change the footprint but it looks as though those beds are just optional.
            Do you have problems with sets with additional stuff like the seasonal ones like 40380 and 40425?

          • I just take the sides off because the actually stand is a standard size. I display the sides on the top of tv stand in my room. ?

  3. Sorting on date doesn’t work, best system is year/month/day fully in numbers and then event. Recent added animals will be released in 2021. I’m also missing the minions with Gru and Belle Bottem.

    • The two Minions Brickheadz have been delayed once before so let’s see if they do pan out in 2021.
      However, do you have additional information on the current released date for those sets?

      • If you’re talking about the pets they release Jan. 1st for $14.99. The Rise of Gru sets (Brickheadz) should release when the other sets Minion sets release (most likely before July 2021).

    • We think it’s funny too 🙂
      We are guessing LEGO had planned for some movie related sets with release dates that were pulled back due to the COVID-19 pandemic

      • 104-109 is the rise of Gru brickheadz. We don’t habe great images, I’m assuming that’s why Candidbricks hasn’t added them yet, but we know all brickheadz up to 121.

        • Candidbricks could you add the 104-109 entries plz? We don’t have to have pics just yet, I just want them on the list. 🙂

          • They are updated now!. They are finally up for sale even though the movie’s been pushed forward to 2022.

  4. Thank you for this great work! Missing the 6322719 Hangzhou bh, 6315025 Amsterdam bh, 6302766 Cologne bh, 6278983 Beijing bh, 6270050 Shimao bh, inside tour Nonnie bh.
    Best regards, Carlo from Italy

    Thank you!
    That’s true.
    We excluded location specific Brickheadz as those did not have a Brickheadz box number or a 6 digit set number.


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