Since Brickheadz was launched for retail sales in 2017, LEGO has introduced a serialized number for each of the specific Brickheadz released with a 5 digit set number, starting with Number 1 for Batman in 2017 until Number 114 for The Mandalorian in 2020 (and beyond). We host a complete Brickheadz list on our site that  that lists every 5 digit set number Brickheadz release and has proven to be quite popular.

There were two major quirks that followed this decision to serialize the numbers.

One, 2017 Comic Con exclusives were also included into this numbering system which threw a big wrench/spanner into the “casual” collector who had been frequenting LEGO shops to get them whenever they are released. Also, the 4 Walmart/Target USA exclusives (The LEGO Movie 2 sets) were also included in the same serial numbering system.

Two, Number 57 was missing from the Brickheadz numbering series (and still is to this date, even after we’ve gone well past number 100). This mystery was partially solved when LEGO inadvertently released the Building Instructions for 40316 Geoffrey, the Toys ‘R’ Us mascot onto their BI site in Aug 2018 (it has since been removed). As Toys ‘R’ Us filed for the USA Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in late 2017, the logical assumption made by most LEGO fans then was that the set was originally planned but likely delayed or cancelled due to the situation at Toys ‘R’ Us.

The 40316 Geoffrey Brickheadz set has since been considered by some to be a pseudo release ever since the BI was uploaded. One could build it up with their own bricks and re-purpose the stickers in the 40228 LEGO Geoffrey and friends set to replace the “originally intended to be printed” stars.

The set is now confirmed to have been cancelled via Mr. Marcos Bessa, Senior LEGO designer, in his personal portfolio page.

Screencap of Mr. Marcos Bessa’s portfolio page

We are left to wonder if LEGO will re-use the number 57 for a future Brickheadz release or will it be lost to the void forever?

Interested to build this curious set? Here are the Building Instructions that we managed to download previously.

40316 Brickheadz Toys R us Geoffrey


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