With the activation of LEGO.com shop in Singapore/Malaysia last November, some will be pleased to find out that this also means future Bricklink Designer Program Series LEGO sets will now ship to those countries as well, including Lithuania.

It looks like this will begin with the Bricklink Designer Program Series batch Series 1.

Mountain Fortress by SleeplessNight

Old Train Engine Shed by Mind_the_Brick

Parisian Street by NicolasCarlier

General Store by llucky

Snack Shack by DistractedBdr
*For Malaysians, please do take note on the possible LVGT issues on this set is below RM500. 

Pre-order/Crowfunding will start at February 7th, 8 AM Pacific time with shipment dates expected to be somewhere around July 2024

Main differences to the previous 2021 designer program run by Bricklink as announced in the FAQ released

2021-2022 Bricklink Designer Program 2024 Bricklink Designer Program Series
Invited existing 10k Club projects from LEGO IDEAS to compete to be crowdfunded and produced. An open invitation for anyone to submit designs that follow our Submission Guidelines.
Required sets to compete against each other to be the first 5 crowdfunded. Will approve 5 sets for crowdfunding. Every one of those five sets that reaches the crowdfunding threshold will be produced as a limited edition BDP set.

Fan designers have a greater responsibility to mature their designs by following each BDP Series Submission Guidelines.

All submissions must be made in BrickLink Studio, and the Studio files themselves must meet certain requirements in how they are set up.

Produced up to 10,000 of each set. Will produce up to 30,000 of each set.

As an aside, here’s a link to the past Bricklink programs 



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