This will be our second review on the Marvel’s The Eternals LEGO lineup.

Box Experience

The bright blue and gold colour scheme dominates the box and stylistic representations of the minifigures are shown up at the side

Box Contents

We’ll be having 7 numbered bags with an instruction booklet, a sticker sheet and a loose 8×16 plate packed in the box. The stickers sure do look intimidating and tough to orientate especially those round ones with the random rings

The Build

The build starts off with the building of a humanoid Deviant. This figure is pretty stable and can be articulated into many poses. Again, random tendrils and wisps are clipped to the Deviant to represent how it looks like in the show. The head is the only printed piece on the Deviant. The arms, elbows, legs and knees can be articulated for many dynamic poses. We would say the only peculiar part of the build is with the bare teal studs on top area on the thigh and upper arm. Maybe the designer was trying to include some texture to the build?

Secondly, a beast-like deviant is build. Once again, the design concept remains similar with the retention of the colour scheme of dark blue, teal, dark red and pearl gold colours of all Deviants in the lineup. The way the head is shaped (The eyepieces are printed) makes it resemble some sort of predatory flightless bird.

The mouth can be opened up and points of articulation include all four legs and feet. Event the tendrils are clipped in such a way that you can move them in one axis. We had a lot of run posing this Deviant in so many unorthodox ways (no pictures unfortunately!)

Bags 3-6 build up the bulk of the uniquely shaped triangular spaceship. Kudos to the designer for making this shape work with the inclusion of door elements and hinges to make the shape work. Here you see the internals of the spaceship and in line with the MCU, there are some wacky areas to go along with the more solemn looking parts of the spaceship. In particular, a small spot is allocated to the only chair in the spaceship which includes two mics(KARAOKE anyone?) a game controller, an umbrella and other seemingly earthly type possessions.

The main area is likely the meeting room and a mini Arishem, likely a hologram projection is shown addressing the galley.

To project a more celestial feel to the spaceship, some special elements are included in the set including drum lacquered circular tiles, printed big Light Bluish Gray tiles and also a type of purplish satin dishes. Once fully built up, there are 6 individual hatches that can be opened up for easy access to the interior and all the minifigures in the set can comfortably be placed in the spaceship. We didn’t like the translucent green stud shooters though as they look so jarringly out of place with the whole set. Maybe our minds will change once we see the reference material in the movie itself but for now, that’s our opinion.


From L-R : Thena, Sersi, Makkari. All three figures have torso prints, leg prints and dual printed heads and all three appear in one other set in the line-up. They look “marvel”lous

From L-R : Ikaris, Druig, Phastos, once again, all three figures have torso prints, leg prints and dual printed heads. Druig and Phastos are exclusive to this set.Ikaris appears in two other sets.


We were kinda suspicious about the spaceship at first but we are won over by the swooshability of it. The multiple hatches also lends it a degree of freedom in poseability

Both Deviants are good with the beast like 4 legged Deviant winning us over. As this is the flagship set, the inclusion of 6 minifigures is not surprising

We like this playset as a whole with 2 big Deviants to play with, 6 Eternals minifigures and a peculiar yet unique spaceship. A solid 4.5 stars for us.




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