Pictures and written words by: Akira

Thank you for The LEGO Group for sending us the full wave of NINJAGO Season 13 sets, also known as “The Island”

It is a relatively small wave, with only four sets and we end it by looking at the smallest of the four sets.

This is not the first time Lloyd has ever ridden a bike in the series. However, this is probably the biggest bike made for Lloyd yet. Previously, 71709 (Jay and Lloyd’s Velocity Races) as well as 70722 (OverBorg Attack) were relatively small compared to this. Scale-wise, this is comparable to 70672 (Cole’s Dirt Bike) which sports the same hind wheel.

There are 3 minifigures included in this set as seen in the front and the top side of the box.
The back shows the play features and highlights what things you can do with the bike, which we will go in detail soon.

But before that, here are the contents of the box:

There are 2 numbered plastic bags, 1 loose rubber wheel, 1 sticker sheet, 1 cloth sail inside plastic & cardboard packaging, and an instruction booklet.

Unpacking the plastic bags, below are the contents from the first one which contains 2 minifigures and the core of the motorcycle. It also includes the collectible item for this wave – the storm amulet. For the sake of brevity, I will just call it the amulet. It looks like a ring blade with a dragon head at the centre imbued . Although, strictly speaking, I would not call this amulet “collectible” because this is also found in all other sets in this wave. Basically, once you buy one, the other “collectible” amulets will be redundant.

And here are the contents from the second bag, mixed with the loose rubber wheels and cloth sail to complete the build.

There is nothing extraordinary here except the exclusive cloth sail. It is surprising that the sail is made of cloth as I initially thought the sail is made of plastic just like the wings used on previous dragons. I prefer cloth sails over plastic sails any time so this is definitely an advantage in my opinion. The Wheel 30.4mm D. x 20mm with Center Axle Holes Motorcycle (Part # 66155) is also an uncommon part as it has only come out in 1 other set in gold colour.

This is the finished build:

The sand green colour compliments nicely with dark green and gold colour. It has been the staple colour combination for quite sometime now. Stickers are not excessive and can be entirely avoided if need be. I think it would look fine without them.

The Ninjargon found on the sail and stickers once decoded is “71745” while the green symbol inside the yellow circle is “L” for Lloyd.

From the back, the bike looks very unassuming but just like any Ninjago bike, it has some gimmicks included. Its hind wheel is hinged in an angle and when you put pressure at the back, the beam moves and presses against the rubber connector (part no. 45590) and then it bounces back like a shock absorber when you release it. Recent sets such as 71700 (Jungle Raider) employed a similar suspension mechanism, I highly prefer than those using rubber bands.

Here is the top view. Everything is almost symmetrical except the sail.

As per official description of the set, what you see here is supposed to be a flyer that can turn into a surfboard. I would argue that it looks more like a baby of a hovercraft and a windsurfing board combined. Now, picture Nya sailboarding on this one.

It looks fun. But is it flying or floating? Both? Who knows. The show is not released yet so we are free to imagine how it actually works.

Here goes the minifigures. We get Island Lloyd, Island Nya and a Rumble Keeper.

As this is a new season, there are new torso and leg prints. Lloyd gets a dual-moulded green headband with tan hairpiece. The faceprint is also new for Island Lloyd.

The Armor Shoulder Pad Single with Star Lettering and Scabbard for 1 Katana (part 41162) returned in the same colour.

This is the only way to get Island Nya and the cheapest way to get a Rumble Keeper.

In conclusion, 71745 is a neat little set with 183 pieces priced at  £17.99 / $19.99 / 19.99€. The exclusive Nya minifigure and the collectible amulet piece increases its desirability by a tiny bit so I will give it a score of 3.5 out of 5.

Comment below and share what you think about this set review. Take your time. This is Akira signing off.

The set used for the review was sent to us by The LEGO Group for the purpose of a review. Provision of sets do not in any way influence or guarantee a positive review.





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