Monochrome LEGO Minifigures List

Rev 2 Updated Mar 2021

L-R (Bright Light Blue, Medium Blue, Sand Blue, Medium Azure, Dark Azure, Blue Dark Blue, Bright Pink, Medium Lavender, Dark Pink, Purple, Magenta, Dark Red, Red, Orange, Bright Light Orange, Yellow, Light Aqua, Olive Green, Sand Green, Lime, Bright Green, Green, Dark Green, Tan, Dark Tan, Flesh, Medium Dark Flesh, Dark Orange, Medium Brown, Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Dark Bluish Gray, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Light Bluish Gray, White, Pearl Gold) Missing-Light Flesh, Lavendar and Flat Silver

Monochrome Minifigures, Single Colour LEGO Minifigures, Monocolour figures.
However you call them, they refer to a full LEGO minifigure of a single moulded colour which have been pieced together from their separate basic parts of a head, a torso, arms, hands and a leg assembly.

Here is a list of all the colours (currently 42) of complete monofigs/monochrome minifigs available at present, sorted by Bricklink name (Definition of a complete monofig: must fulfill the complete fully available basic configuration of Head, Torso, Arms, Hands and Leg Assembly)

*We realized that the second table doesn’t turn up well in mobile and might not make sense, so we’ve done up an alternate version (without the approximate colour visuals) and presented that first.

Monochrome List (Basic List- works well on mobile and desktop browsers)

CountColour Name (Bricklink Nomenclature)Closest Pantone Code# Ease to Acquire
1BlackProcess Black C1
3Bright Green
4Bright Light Blue278C4
5Bright Light Orange130C4
6Bright Pink672C5
8Dark Azure7461C4
9Dark Blue7463C2
10Dark Bluish GrayCool Gray 10C1
11Dark Brown476C3
12Dark Gray418C6
13Dark Green3435C3
14Dark Orange724C5
15Dark Pink674C5
16Dark Purple268C4
17Dark Red181C2
18Dark Tan7504C3
19Flat SilverCool Gray 8 CTBD
22Lavender7443 CTBD
23Light Aqua573C5
24Light Bluish Gray422C1
25Light Flesh473C6
26Light Gray7538C5
29Medium Azure631C7
30Medium Blue542C4
31Medium Dark Flesh730C4
32Medium Lavender2577C7
33Olive Green5825C3
35Pearl GoldNA4
37Reddish Brown478C2
38Sand Blue8201C5
39Sand Green5555C4
41WhiteWarm Gray 1C1

Monochrome List (Visual List- might not work well on mobile browsers)

*The world of LEGO colours is probably managed on a daily basis during manufacturing using the CIELAB colour space but Pantone swatches or codes are more commonly used by the general public for numerous applications.
**Pantone codes of the colours are taken mostly from Dr.Bartneck’s publication on the topic of LEGO colours.
***Names of the colours are taken by Bricklink’s colour nomenclature and may differ to the official terms by LEGO (example Flesh is officially known as Nougat and Tan is officially Brick Yellow)
#Ease to acquire is based on our own market study on the current 2020 resale prices on multiple LEGO marketplaces, 1 would be the cheapest/easiest to get while 7 would be the most expensive, mostly due to availability.

At present there are 42 full colour variants of monochrome minifigures that can be assembled from official LEGO releases. Some can be obtained via mixing and matching minifigures directly from LEGO sets while some others require a little bit more work (usually this involves rubbing off prints from the minifigure part using either a good old eraser OR a rubbing compound like Brasso wadding/Silvo wadding or IPA). There are some other colours that we left out from this list as it cannot be obtained from LEGO directly and might be reproduction items.

*Rubbing compounds on ABS plastics have been anecdotally successful with no long term effects seen but no full scientific study has been done, so please do test it out on a relatively cheap colour first if you intend to go down this route.

We are just amateur monochrome fans who were just fascinated by the gamut of colours available. There are many who have dedicated a lot of time and effort towards a more systematic study of colours in LEGO and here are some links to get the curious started :

Christophe Bartneck
Compilation by Brickset
Also, here’s a more extensive article done up on this exact topic by Paul Doran from ZALUG back in 2017. Much thanks to Cameron Payne for constantly sharing his Excel worksheet on the different colours available for a monofig. We will expand this article soon with another table of “nearly there” colours for those that like the thrill of the hunt with every new LEGO set/LEGO minifigure release.
Data updated with Jamie Douglas’ excellent spreadsheet in 2021.
Do let us know if you spot any mistake in this article and we’ll gladly correct it.




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