Review of 76131 Avengers Compound Battle

This is released in 2019 under the theme of Marvel Super Heroes: Avengers Endgame. It consists of 699 pieces, 4 minifigures, 2 big figs and 2 nanofigures. The price is £89.99 / $99.99 / 99.99€ in their respective countries. (We included a little treasure hunt in this review, find Antman in his Quantum Suit by zooming into the pictures and remember to stay to the end for a guide to collect the infinity stones.)

This set is the largest set in this wave. Here you can see Thanos holding a hammer fto fight Hulk who looks like he is enjoying the fight. Captain Marvel with her ‘forceblast’ elements, one helicopter, one car and a police station-like building. The box is not really attractive but the minifigures are very nice and colourful compared to the previous sets in this wave.

The back of the box is showing everyone fighting Thanos and his minion as well as some play features of the set.

1:1 side panel showing Captain Marvel.

Sticker Sheet

Bag 1 gives you Thanos, Iron Man Mark 85 and a jeep.

Bag 2 comes with Professor Hulk, Nebula and a small helicopter build with a six stud shooter.

Bag 3 is quite interesting. Here you get to build a room with a computer and the Infinity Gauntlet locked inside a room with laser doors. Then we get Captain Marvel and two sprues worth of Power stones and Time stones! Stay till the end for more information about these infinity gems.

Bag 4 gives us the second floor with a round table, a turret on top and two nanofigures of Ant-man in Quantum Suit. As usual, LEGO is quite worried that you might accidentally misplace the small nanofigure so they included two in the set. How thoughtful of this and thank you LEGO for putting 2 Ant-mans in the set!

Bag 5 give us a garage with a satellite dish in trans orange. I really like the garage door as they doesn’t come by often in Marvel LEGO sets.

With Bag 6 you finally get the full build of the set and what? Another outrider? Here I didn’t apply any stickers and yet it already looked very packed and nice. At a glance it does look like police station with the blue and white colour scheme but I think it can also be imagined as a house with a garage.


L- Iron Man from 76051 C- Iron Man from 76131 R- Iron Man from 76108

Mark 85. Before I got my hands on this minifigure, I thought it is just a Mark 50 with his arms replaced by pearl gold hands. I was wrong. It is a newly printed Iron Man and it looks shinier than Mark 50 in his torso and legs. Zoom in and you can see a slight difference in his arc reactor. I love the attention to detail here.

L- Iron Man from 76051 C- Iron Man from 76131 R- Iron Man from 76108

The back also has more golden prints. That pearl gold arms reminds me that in Iron Man 1, Tony painted his suit with red and gold too. It is very nostalgic that his last armor is also in red and gold. This minifigure is exclusive to this set.

L- Thanos from 76107 C- Thanos from 76131 R- Thanos from 76049

Thanos. This armoured Thanos has a grey body with gold torso print. The hammer is quite a good build but why give us a hammer while he wields a double blade sword in the movie which makes me wonder if maybe LEGO didn’t want to spoil us for Endgame or they were given an early concept art for the film.

L- Thanos from 76107 C- Thanos from 76131 R- Thanos from 76049

Which one is your favourite Thanos? Comment below. Thanos have two golden tattoos in this set, two each on the left and right arms maybe representing his arm armor and this Thanos is also exclusive to this set.

L- Nebula from 76020  C- Nebula from 76131  R – Nebula from 76081

Nebula in Quantum suit. She has the same expression with the one on the left (appeared in 76020) but with a lighter shade of blue which makes this head exclusive to this set too. The Nebula on the right is from 76081. They are all exclusives in their respective sets.

L – Hulk from 76031 and 76041 C- Hulk From 76131 R – Hulk from 76088

Professor Hulk. Hulk is always angry even in LEGO. Now he finally can smile in his dark blue pants. In this picture you can see that he is still having the same shade of green. I wonder why is he still ‘naked’ while he already combined his wit with his brawl? Maybe its easier to fight Thanos this way.

L- Captain Marvel from 76127 and 76131 R- Captain Marvel from 76049

Captain Marvel. This is exactly the same Captain Marvel from 76127. The 76049 version(on the right) has red lips and looks a little bit more cartoonish with blonde hair and I loved the sash print that extended to the legs.

L- Captain Marvel from 76127 and 76131 R- Captain Marvel from 76049

Maybe Captain Marvel is cooler than the comic version that shows her super angry face.

L- Captain Marvel from 76127 and 76131 R- Captain Marvel from 76049

In 76049, we actually got another head for her with a red mask

This is my favourite part of this set where we get two exclusive antman in Quantum suit nanofigures! The print on these nanofigures are impeccable. Here you can see the older version of the antman nanofigures (from 76051) having a different print on the helmets.

A small scene on the discussion of how to find Thanos in the meeting room.
The door is too small for you Professor.

To me these are the highlights of the set. Almost all of them (Except the outrider, it is everywhere, and Captain Marvel) are exclusives to the set and makes this set worthy of the price.

Here it is, the Infinity Guide. These colourful stones are very nice but pretty hard to be collected especially in the first wave. If you plan well, you can have one full sprue untouched after putting all of them in their respective gloves and sets. In the Infinity War wave, six sets were released and each of them carried one sprue of infinity stones(Respective set numbers stated inside the empty ring) Four stones in a sprue, three of each stone are inserted in the three different gloves as picture above, one stone each are placed back into their respective sets for the first wave and you can still have one full sprue with four stones still attached as it is. So, plan well before you pluck out those stones. I enjoyed placing them in the gloves. Haha.

As promised in our previous review, this is the full team of Quantum suit minifigures plus Hulk (from 76144 Hulk Helicopter Drop released in December 2019) that you will get after collecting them in this wave. Avengers! Assemble!

Overall this is a big set with exclusive minifigures. The build is quite fun and it felt like building a meeting room and a garage of a house. Minifigures wise, you get 1 exclusive head, 1 exclusive minifigure and 2 exclusive big figs. That’s a very nice bonus to the set! The score would be 4.8/5.0 as the exclusive figures scored very high points in this set where the build is quite nice in the design standpoint.

Hope you enjoyed my review and stay tuned for more. Thank you!

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Some of the set(s) used for product reviews including this 76131 Avengers Compound Battle for the Infinity War wave, were sent to us by The LEGO Group. Provision of any set does not in any way influence our opinions or guarantee a positive review.


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