“I love you 3000”

This set should’ve been released when Tony Stark blew out all his suits for the House Party Protocol in the events of Iron Man 3 but LEGO seems to have finally released this as a tribute to Iron Man fans to house all of their LEGO Iron Man collections.

I don’t recall Igor chasing outriders in the Endgame movie though. Haha.

The Box

Box Hall of Armour

The box art is very nicely designed and you can see one level of chambers to ‘store’ the suits. Outriders are depicted as running away instead of attacking the hall. Igor must be very intimidating!

Hall of Amour Box Back

You can stack the chambers to make it taller or whatever design you like. (Stay tuned to the part list for one of the compartments if you’d like to expand your Hall)

Hall of Armour - Side
Hall of Armour – Side

Igor is pretty exclusive here.

The Build

Hall of Amour build – Bag 1

There are four numbered bags, one sticker sheet and two instruction booklets in the box and this is the build for bag 1. The minifigures included in bag 1 is the Mark 50 suit but lets talk about the build first. Here we get a podium with two arms connected to three compartments of the hall of armour. The centre of the podium is built with a trans blue mesh disc which gives a glowing illusion to any minifigure that stands on it which I think is a very nice touch to the build. Dum E and the little fire elements here are a great bonus to the build and adds some intensity to the scene.

Hall of Amour build – Bag 2

Bag two adds more of the chambers to the build. (I think I messed up the bags contents in my picture, by the end of bag 2, we should only have seven chambers) This picture shows the whole row of compartments to house the Iron Man suits (The podium is taken out for the picture). All nine compartments are occupied by small builds of a blender/juicer, jetpacks and ‘hair holder’ along with the Iron Man suits.

Hall of Amour Bag 3

After the third bag, we basically have the whole build of the Hall of Armour. To me, one level is insufficient to be defined as a ‘Hall’. I’m sure there are collectors out there who have already build a multilevel ‘wine cellar’ of armour for their Iron Man suits. Do comment and share your pictures!

Hall of Amour Build Bag 4

The build is complete after bag 4 which builds Igor and an outrider. Let’s go into the details one by one!

Mini builds

These are the mini builds that fill up the chambers of the hall where you can remove them and put your Iron Man suits. My favourite is the juice blender. This is an Easter egg from the movie where Tony used to drink liquid chlorophyll to combat Palladium poisoning in Iron man 2. Then we have a jetpack, hair holder, red gun and a wrench holder.

Work bench

Tony’s work desk. I love the trans blue panels with trans clear stickers. Here you can see Jarvis’s name at the right most panel with its user interface, intruder alert at the left panel with iron man’s helmet, and I really think that the blocked caller was Agent Coulson who bugs Tony while he is in the middle of building iron man suits.

Special Panels

This is interesting. We have three panels with these big stickers. At the left side, it is displaying Mark V’s suitcase armour. The central ‘poster’ showing Mark XXV (25) with the name of Striker. Pretty awesome print and parts if it is a real minifigure! In the right panel there are six nanofigures of iron man where I can only recognize silver centurion, suitcase, and red snapper. The other two were a little bit vague. Do let us know if you can recognize them.

Central Podium

The central podium. It is a very nice stand to display any minifigure for a photo taking session. Here I put the Mark 50 from the set and it already looks super awesome standing there.

Dum E variants (Left- from this set , Right- from polybag 30452)

Dum E. The one holding the red fire extinguisher is from this set and the one on the right is the one from the polybag 30452. Both are nicely designed but the one from the polybag has a slightly more flexible arm than this older version of Dum E.

Individual Chamber – Parts

This are the parts to build one single chamber if you want to extend your Hall of Armour. Read till the end to get the parts list in detail. Remember to show us your creation!

Chambers- Detail

This is how it looks like isolating one of the chamber out from the row. The build actually has ample space to display the minifigures even if they are bulky like the Scuba Iron Man. I love the metallic silver slope at the bottom of each chamber.

IGOR and his friends

Happy family! Igor and the four Iron Man suits are the main highlights of this set (Mark 50 is not exclusive but still a great minifigure!) We have more than enough outriders though..

Hall of Amour suits

Mark 1, Mark 5, Mark 41 and Mark 50. Note that they all have different eye patterns. The printings are impeccable! Mark One is suitably crude and the sand stains on the helmet is a very nice touch to the minifigure. Mark 5 with the silver and red colour scheme reminds us of the fight at the race track where it was transformed from a suitcase (where is the suitcase, LEGO?) Mark 41 in black and gold is super cool! The colour scheme makes it look expensive. Mark 50 is nanotech and the prints look smooth and nice.

Hall of Amour Minifigures back

Back of the minifigures show off the continued nice prints on the torso. You can see the Stark Industries wordings at the back of Mark 1 and the cobbled up design of the suit made mainly from the scraps of Stark Industries Jericho missile. Mark 5 has the same silver linings and Mark 41 with gold and black colour scheme. They all have very nice continuity to the front prints.


The exclusive minifigures and Igor of the set. I personally like them very much.

Hulk vs Igor (Hulk is not included in this set)

Let’s talk about Igor. I love the build. I think it is at the right scale as you can see here it is just slightly bigger than a Hulk big fig.

Igor vs GiAnt Man (Giant Man is not included in this set)

The ball joints at the knees and the arms makes him a quite flexible mini mech. Even more flexible than the ’65 feet’ Giant man here.

Igor – Superhero landing

Super Hero Landing!

What lies yonder?

He can have a lot of poses. Maybe the size of the build allows the use of the ultra useful ball joints without weight being an issue.

Igor – Front view

Front view. The eyes are printed on a 1×2 tile and the finger build is really versatile and very posable.

Igor – Back View

The back is not as interesting but I think we won’t see his back too often, right?

Riding Igor

Despite its size, you still can put a minifigure inside him!

Riding Igor Perspective

Side view. You can see the fingers are really posable.

Riding Igor Side – Closed

The minifigure inside will show at the hollow part from the side. Maybe a little bit of modification can be done to cover it up if one so wishes.

Sticker Sheet

The transparent stickers for this set are very nice. So I happily applied them without any rant. Lol.

Renovating the Hall? Here’s a parts list of a single compartment to get you started. You can buy the loose parts via secondary marketplace like Bricklink or Brickowl or if you live in supported areas, even via Bricks and Pieces from LEGO themselves!


We finally get an official set for the Iron Man Hall of Armour! Although the design can be improved but it can be a foundation for a better build!.

Build 8/10- more details can be added to the individual chambers whereby very wide range of modification can be done for this set to make it better, bigger and nicer.
Minifigures 9/10. The prints are magnificent and they could have be 10/10 if we were given two more suits instead of two more Outriders.
Playability 6/10 stack and fun for the chambers and Igor’s posing feature are the only play features here. There is a lack of interesting mechanism in the set; however I suppose this will mainly be display set for most.

Overall the set is an awesome foundation for something bigger and more details can be added into the chambers. Other than that, especially if you are an Iron Man fan, this set is not to be missed.

Hungry for more LEGO Iron Man? Here is a compilation of all the available LEGO IRON MAN minifigures from LEGO and the sets to get them in. 

This set used for the review was sent to us by The LEGO Group for the purpose of a review. Provision of any set do not in any way influence or guarantee a positive review.





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