Review of 76126 Avengers Ultimate Quinjet

This is released in 2019 under the theme of Marvel Super Heroes: Avengers Endgame. It consists of 838 pieces and 6 minifigures. The price is £74.99 / $79.99 / 79.99€ in their respective countries.

The box has the white endgame LEGO sets themed background with the Avengers fighting two outnumbered Chitauris and a large blue Quinjet and a buggy.

The back features the play functions of the Quinjet. The Avengers looks like they’re playing a game of tag rather than fighting those Chitauris. Haha

Sticker Sheet


Bag 1 build. Here you get Hawkeye and a Chitauri, one fully built buggy and the base of the jet.

Bag 2 you get Thor with his Stormbreaker, and some details added to the base.

Bag 3 comes with Natasha with her trans blue batons, the trans orange cockpit cover and the left wing of the Quinjet.

Bag 4 consists of Rocket Raccoon, the right wing and the rear six stud shooter which looks like a drone here.

Bag 5 completes the whole build and the other identical Chitauri. I really love the trans orange and dark blue combination of the jet. It looks good even without the stickers.

The pilot’s cockpit has a sticker applied as the console and quite spacious for a minifigure to fit in.

Another sticker here with a seat and we have another seat in the opposite. The clip above the seat is for the Avengers to clip their weapons and you can see the buggy’s rear wheel parking there. You still can see studs on the floor making it look ‘unfinished’ but the space is quite enough for 2-3 minifigures.

Back view. The Buggy can fit inside the compartment together with the six stud shooter and closed.

This way of seating is quite weird and I don’t recall seeing such a vehicle in the movie. However it is quite a specially designed buggy which I think the purpose is to fit in the jet nicely. Still, I love the trans blue front.

This Quinjet is huge compared to the previous ones and the design looks better too. The small one is not really a quinjet but it is from 6868 Helicarrier breakout and the other one is from 76051 – Captain America Civil War Airport Battle.


Chitauris with their weapons. These two are redesign of old chitauri which I think is more movie accurate with gold helmets.
From now on, we’ll be doing a comparison between the figures in this set vs some figures from older sets. For the most part, you’ll be able to identify the figures in this set by their white Quantum Realm suits.

The other two are from set 6865 Captain America’s Avenging Cycle. They got the armored alien look with nice pearl gold heads and great torso and leg prints. The latest ones looks plain but movie accurate. I think I like the old ones more as they have more details.
*In case you were keeping score, the one in the middle is the one included in the set

The back of the heads are printed too, however the pearl gold heads are still nicer compared to the grey head with gold helmet. Back torso wise I like the muscle lines makes it looks more organic. *In case you were keeping score, the one in the middle is the one included in the set

The full team with the same torsos but different heads. The Quantum Realm suits are great detailed prints but they are underrated due to the repetition of the torsos and legs. However they will look good when I got them all together, stay tuned where I get one more set to review and you will see the group photo here.

Rocket Raccoon. The headpiece is a little different at the colour of his collars. Perhaps saddened by the loss of his family during the snap, it turned from brown to greyish black but the rest is still the same smirk. Different gun build here but I kind of use that as his walking stick to make him stay upright.

Same tail at the back and the collar colour change. I’m quite fond of the matte texture here in this Quantum Suit version.

It is the same Thor as from  the infinity war, with just the change of his outfit. He has the same facial expressions since Ragnarok.

The back of the Quantum Suit looks good with the back bone design and the matte beehive pattern as the base.

Hawkeye. He retired right when Thanos burst into the main MCU. So I took the Avengers 2012 version as a comparison here. His bow and arrow ‘downgraded’ from the modernised bow to the old castle-era bow and arrows (maybe SHIELD didn’t let him keep that after retirement, haha). He shares the same face with Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter and Han Solo from Star Wars. Err, why can’t we get a whole new Ronin minifigure here? I have no problem getting an extra Quantum suit for him since we missed him in Infinity War.

Alternate expression. Not so fierce anymore after retirement?

The print of the arrow bag in the 2012 version actually looks very nice. However, this arrow part does added some spark to the boring quantum suit.

Black Widow’s OOTD (Outfit of the Day). Hairstyle of Black Widow has changed quite a few times throughout these years. The prints are great and I love them all.

She tied her hair up in Quantum suit to fit the helmet I think.

These are their alternate expressions. As I said, they look cool together.

All six minifigures from the set. They are boring in Quantum suits. Please wait until I gather them all. Stay tuned.

Overall this is a solid set of a plane/jet if you love the vehicle. This is a rare case where the build is actually worth more attention than the minifigures in Marvel Superheroes sets. The design was awesome and pretty huge to be held on your hand. Minifigures wise you get an exclusive Rocket headpiece and that’s all, considering the Quantum suits are repetitive but true to the movie. The score would be 3.8/5.0 which would have been a little bit lower but is saved by the great design of the Quinjet. Hope that you enjoyed the review of the 76126 Avengers Ultimate Quinjet from me, Mr. Beast and stay tuned for more. Thank you!

This sets used for the review were sent to us by The LEGO Group. Provision of any set do not in any way influence our opinions or guarantee a positive review.




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