It seems rather early to be speculating about the next fairground set, right after the release of the mega 10261 Creator Expert Roller Coaster but it is precisely the release of the set that re-emphasizes a curious trend that’s been going on since the release of the 10247 Fairground Mixer.

Excluding the standalone Grand Carousel released in 2009 , TLG has been releasing Fairground sets at a regular pace since 2014 with the 10244 Fairground Mixer. This was followed with 10247 Ferris Wheel on the year after. There existed a gap year in 2016 and restarted with 10257 Carousel and lastly 10261 Roller Coaster in 2018.

All these releases had boxart which showcased the represented set in the foreground together with the LEGO Creator Expert logo. We would like to focus your attention towards the background where other fairground rides accompanied the main set. While the Creator Expert logo itself went through three iterations in this 5 year span, the rides on the background have remained relatively similar consisting of a mystery ride and a roller coaster.

10261This culminated in the actual release of the 10261 Roller Coaster which instead had a Ferris Wheel in the background where the Roller Coaster normally was.

However, for ALL 4 sets, there is a common ride teased in the background as highlighted in the composite images below in varying size and resolution.

It seems to be a Yellow and Orange/Red coloured Spinning Chair ride that’s known as a “Starflyer” and could it be an upcoming addition to the Faiground line?

The ride itself could have been inspired by the view of the London Eye with the Starflyer in the London skyline during the 2012 Olympics held there.

image from bizjournals

The inspiration for the design of the Starflyer in the boxart could also have come from the Starflyer in Tivoli Gardens located in Copenhagen, Denmark with a planet themed centerpiece. Copenhagen is just 1 hour’s flight away from Billund, the HQ of The Lego Group and must be a familiar sight with plenty of LEGO employees.

image credit Philaweb (via Wikicommons)

What do you think? For us, it’s a little bit of fun to end the workweek and done recalling the feverish anticipation of the UCS(Ultimate Collector’s Series) Millennium Falcon re-release after seeing a silhouette of it on the box of the USC Death Star re-release(75159). Hey, who knows, it might turn out to be more than just a coincidence as TLG(The Lego Group) designers and graphic artists have been known to put in a lot of easter eggs in their sets. It could also just be a innocent re-use of a nice looking background but what’s the fun in life without some speculation?

We end this “theory” proposal with a few parting images 😉

**This post was inspired by Ryan Adamowicz in his posting on Facebook.



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