Brickfanz has revealed that Hamley’s at Regent Street will get their own exclusive minifigure! It’s a variant of the Royal Guard Collectible Minifigure and initially shared by Hamley’s own Mr. Mark Campbell and will retail for £6 each.

Image credit to Mark Campbell via

Meanwhile, helpful and kind AFOL eregw has managed to purchase one of them and we get to see that the 5pcs includes the minifigure and a baseplate. The print on the torso is markedly different from the Collectible Minifigure as well as having a more friendly demeanour.

eregw also informs us that the minifigure seems to be only sold at the Regent Store at this moment.

We end this short article with a picture of the minifigure courtesy of Mr. Mark Campbell’s Facebook page.

Image credit Mark Campbell via


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