LEGO FIAT 500 on sale : March 1st, 2020

LEGO has revealed the Creator Expert Fiat 500. This Italian classic in Cool Yellow was recently immortalized quite comically in the 2015 James Bond movie Spectre, when the titular hero was held up by a baby blue version of the Fiat 500 during a car chase in Rome. This follows the LEGO release of another classic car, LEGO Ford Mustang released back in 2019

Here are the official pictures and description of the FIAT 500 LEGO Creator Expert set that will be sold worldwide on 1st of March 2020.


10271 LEGO® Creator Expert Fiat 500

Ages 16+. 960 pieces

US $89.99 – CA $129.99 – DE €79.99 – UK £74.99 – FR €84.99 – DK 749DKK *Euro pricing varies by country.
Please visit for regional pricing.

Live out ‘La Dolce Vita’ with an Italian classic – the Fiat 500

This LEGO® Creator Expert Fiat 500 model car (10271) recreates a true icon of classic automotive design. Teenagers and adult fans will enjoy the challenging building experience offered by this model kit based on the Fiat 500F legend from the late ‘60s, and will appreciate all the authentic LEGO brick details, such as the luggage rack with suitcase, detailed interior, and opening roof, doors, hood and tailgate. To complete the Italian theme, this classic model car also includes a folding easel with a paintbrush, palette and small ‘painting’ of the car in front of the famous Colosseum in Rome.

Building toys that bring passion to life

LEGO Creator Expert building kits are for adults and teenagers with a passion. From classic model cars and authentic buildings to fairground rides and other objects of desire, Creator Expert advanced LEGO sets offer a world of nostalgia, escapism, self-expression, pure enjoyment and surprise. Oh, and kids sometimes also use them as toys!

• Recreate a taste of ‘La Dolce Vita’ with an advanced LEGO® Creator Expert Fiat 500 model car brimming with Italian flair and LEGO brick details that teenagers and adults will enjoy building and displaying with pride.
• This model kit features a luggage rack, suitcase, detailed interior, engine, spare wheel and opening roof, doors, hood and tailgate. There’s even a ‘painting’ of the car by the Colosseum to complete the Italian feel.
• This advanced set is part of an amazing collection of authentic LEGO® model cars and other iconic objects of desire that offer relaxing ‘me time’ building and impressive display centerpieces.
• More experienced teenage and adult builders will love to receive this 960-piece Fiat 500 model car as a birthday, Christmas or special-occasion gift.
• Measuring over 4” (11cm) high, 9” (24cm) long and 4” (11cm) wide, this buildable model makes for an impressive display piece on its own or as part of a collection of LEGO® sets. • While toy cars run on batteries, this collector’s item runs on pure imagination and creativity.
• The included building instructions recreate the look and feel of the original promotional material, with fun facts about the real car, history of the Fiat company and an interview with the LEGO® designer of this classic car model.
• LEGO® Creator Expert building kits for adults and teenagers are challenging builds based on things people are passionate about, such as classic cars, authentic buildings, fairground rides and much more.
• Since 1958, LEGO® bricks have been tested to the highest industry standards to ensure consistency and compatibility, and that they connect and pull apart easily every time.
• At the LEGO Group, we drop, heat, crush, twist and analyze LEGO® pieces to make sure all of our advanced LEGO sets meet the highest global safety and quality standards.

LEGO FIAT 500 on sale : March 1st, 2020

Country Recomended Retail Price
Germany 79.99 EUR
Austria 79.99 EUR
Australia 139.99 AUD
Belgium 84.99 EUR
Switzerland 109.0 CHF
China 799.0 CNY
Czech Republic 2199.0 CZK
Denmark 749.0 DKK
Estonia 94.99 EUR
Spain 79.99 EUR
Finland 99.95 EUR
France 84.99 EUR
United Kingdom 74.99 GBP
Hong Kong 689.0 HKD
Croatia 89.99 EUR
Hungary 26990.0 HUF
Ireland 84.99 EUR
Italy 79.99 EUR
Japan 8780.0 JPY
South Korea 119900.0 KRW
Malaysia 399.9 MYR
The Netherlands 84.99 EUR
Norway 949.0 NOK
New Zealand 159.99 NZD
Poland 389.99 PLN
Portugal 79.99 EUR
Romania 399.99 RON
Russian Fed. 6799.0 RUB
Sweden 999.0 SEK
Singapore 139.9 SGD
Slovenia 89.99 EUR
Slovakia 79.99 EUR
Turkey 599.9 TRY
Taiwan 2899.0 TWD
Ukraine 2999.0 UAH
South Africa 1399.99 ZAR
USA 89.99 USD
Brazil 749.99 BRL
Canada 129.99 CAD
Mexico 1999.0 MXN



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