LEGO Minifigures Series 24 with the set number 71037 has just been announced by LEGO.

Comprising of 12 unique minifigures, this series will start retail sales in January 2023

T-Rex Costume Fan



We’re anticipating that this will be a definite hit for the mascot collectors with this being a shrunk down version of the popular nougat T-Rex figures from the Jurassic World line.

Rococo Aristocrat



A lady from the Rococo French era with exaggerated white face paint, rouge on her cheeks and a beauty patch/mark complete with a chihuahua.

Robot Warrior



Who doesn’t love a robot or two? This one has a curious sand green/white/magenta colourway combo.



This artisan is busy at work getting her hands all clayed up. She also has a unique hairdo.

Newspaper Kid

This will be perfect to complement any City populace. The 2×2 tile that comes with it wishes the first modern minifigure, the LEGO policeman a Happy Birthday!


Highly detailed . The huge underbite element gives the orc a menacing appearance, coupled with a nice printed shield will surely make this a hit with the castle fans.

Football Referee

Apt release with the ongoing/recently concluded FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 (at the point of release). Comes with a yellow card and a red card and face is also printed with a headset mimicking the current technologically backed referees in the football world.


Black Falcon torso? Check
Falcon created using the existing seagull element? Check.
Falconer glove? Check
Do we love it? YES!


What a lovely baby koala hanging on to a bamboo shoot. We are reminded slightly of the late Steve Irwin with the bushy hair, though these come under a green animal rescue cap.
Comes with cargo pants and brown boots.

Carrot Mascot

Another mascot minifigure. He also comes with a spare orange hair if you want to give him a rest from his advertising job for the Farmers Market. It looks like he’ll also have a printed torso (probably overalls?)

Brown Astronaut and Spacebaby

A new colour for the classic Spaceman along with a Baby Benny(the blue spaceman in LEGO MOVIE)? Sign us up!
The baby spaceman even comes with his own mini air-tank!
It even comes with a baby monitor with a cute sleeping baby spaceman printed on it.

Rockin’ Horse Rider 

Cute rocking horse accessory and a rainbow unicorn, a surefire hit with the the cutesy loving crowd.

We personally feel that this lineup is one of the most exciting ones that the series has come up with in recent times. Big congratulations to the team!



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