LEGO has announced an upcoming change to Collectible Minifigure packaging
This is expected to cut in starting 2023 and fully implemented by 2025 in line with The LEGO Group’s pledge for all their packaging to be made from sustainably sourced materials by the end of 2025

Packaging materials

It’s our aim that by the end of 2025, all our packaging will be made from sustainably sourced materials that are either renewable, or made from recycled content and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®C117818).


Among the concept options tested by The LEGO Group were :

Direct swapping with paper bags

Paper based packaging (Paper front, plastic back) 

Various cardboard packaging designs

Final Concept

LEGO will use this final concept (backing/hanger at the front/box with contents at the back) as the basis for the actual packaging that will be introduced somewhere in 2023.


There will be no planned change in general minifigure distribution per lot (variant distribution per lot will still stay the same), i.e. if there are 36 in a lot and 12 variants, then one lot will have 3 sets of 12 variants and no “chase” figures)
There is also no planned price increase related to this change.

Personal thoughts

Locally, there always have been groups that enjoy feeling the bags and trying to guess what minifigure is in it before purchasing it. There have been many terms dedicated to this “art”, grope/feel/picit-picit. It looks like that era is ending.

I personally have purchased complete sets from local marketplace sellers in recent years so I’m guessing they will either go with “weighing” or totally opening repacking the minifigures in the near future.

Via Bricksfanz


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