Every year, LEGO gifts their employees with a specially designed set and this year, they will be getting a Ninjago Inspired Gift Set!

Shown off by Ninjago co-creator Thomas Andreasen on twitter recently., the set will have a Wintery build of 4002021 Temple of Celebration along with all the main protagonists of the popular series from LEGO and the main antagonist Garmadon. It’s fitting as this is also the 10th year of the Ninjago series.

Front of the box shows stamps design graphics featuring the temple, Santa? Garmadon, and the Ninjas making Snow Angles with a Serpentine

Skales and a mini Mezmo are included too, how cute!

This will be an exciting gift for Ninjago fans. This set will not be available for retail sales so it’s away to the resale market for most Ninjago fans who would like to get their hands on this set.



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