has released detailed pictures for the Marvel The Avengers Advent Calendar and boy, are there surprises in store for all LEGO Marvel fans.

Included are seven minifigures from the Avengers movies like Thor, Nick Fury, Black Widow,  Iron-Man, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel and Thanos. Also included are recognizable mini builds from the movies like the Avengers Tower, Quinjet, Hellicarrier and some other quirky builds like an Infinity Stone Christmas Tree and Spidey Chrismats presents.

Releasing soon in September 2021, it’s priced at USD39.99 and all builds can be store back into the packaging if you so wish, with the play flap also allowing you to sort of close up the open perforated slots, when stored on its side.

Read on for more details pictures and full spoilers.

Finally! A full infinity gauntlet with all the stones! Those used to go for a pretty penny as you needed to get multiple sets to gather them all. Very nice of LEGO to release them all in one set now. As the oft quoted saying in this part of the world, early payment allows early merriment but late acquisition could offer great satisfaction.


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