LEGO has revealed the upcoming Collectible Minifigures Series 21 on their social media channels and there will be 12 to collect. This is a big change from their 16/18 to collect in previous series.This will be a license-free CMF release and features many wondrous potential additions to your minifigure family with two animal mascots, criminals, villains, everyday people from the fantasy and normal realm.

As always, all of the minifigures have nice prints on them with some sporting new unique moulded parts/accessories. These are expected to go on sale on Jan 2021 but may sometimes turn up at retailers slightly earlier.

Here is our attempt at naming them

1. Centaurides
2. Beekeeper
3. Pug Costume Boy
4. Ladybug Costume Woman
5. Aztec Jaguar Warrior
6. Space Police
7. Alien Criminal
8. Practice! Violinist
9. Diva Singer
10. Dolphin Trainer
11. Castaway Guy
12. Pilot Costume Girl



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