Taiwan will have a soft launch of its first LEGO Certified Store on Christmas Day, Dec 25th 2019. Located in Xinyi District, Taipei City, it will contain all the regular features of a Lego Certified Store including a Pick a Brick wall and a Build a Minifigure kiosk.

Several promotions will be going on during the opening as described in the flyers below :

LEGO Certified Stores, a concept first launched in 2014 has seen a lot of growth especially in Asia. Singapore is home to 10 LCS outlets while Malaysia has 12 LCS outlets.

LEGO CERTIFIED STORES (As explained by Bricksworld)
>> An LCS is not owned by The LEGO Group but managed and operated by a third party under agreement.

>> An LCS is a store that is designed by The LEGO Group, and adheres to all the store fit-out and experience guidelines as laid down by The LEGO Group.

>> All its fixtures and furniture are exclusively designed by The LEGO Group.

>> It offers the following unique features that inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow through creative free play and developing the imagination :

i) Pick-a-Brick wall (PAB) – a custom-built fixture with cylindrical canisters filled with LEGO bricks and elements where shoppers can hand-pick and select what they need to build something based on their own design and imagination.
ii) Fully assembled LEGO sets in a “Brand Ribbon” around the circumference of the store to inspire LEGO fans.
iii) “The Living Room”, the interactive play area that’s prominently positioned in the centre of the store to give children a “hands-on, minds-on” experience with LEGO bricks.
iv) Exclusive LEGO sets available at the same time as their release in the US and Europe.


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