LEGO will release a new sub-theme for the Disney Princess line next year (on shelves Dec 27 2019). They will feature a book like shell with some bricks to be built onto it. They will also feature, for the first time, Chibi Anime-type Mini-Dolls. For this release, Mulan, Elsa & Anna, Ariel and Belle are featured. The books can be closed up for display when not in use. Lumiere is suspiciously missing from the photos, could he be hiding?

43174 Mulan’s Storybook Adventures | USD19.9 | 124 pcs

43174 Disney’s Frozen Storybook Adventures | USD19.9 | 105 pcs

43174 Ariel’s Adventures | USD19.9 | 133 pcs

43174 Belle’s Storybook Adventures | USD19.9 | 111 pcs




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