LEGO Germany has released a press release and photos of sets from the upcoming wave of the Hidden Side for 2020 which will be officially sold on the 27th of December 2019. The adventures of Jack, Parker, Spencer and J.B. continues along with a new wave of Hidden Side Ghosts, in particular a very interesting two headed ghost appears as well as a narrative variation in the form of Jack who is seemingly gloomed in the Portal set. Please find high res images of the sets (click to zoom into the high-res photos)

70427 Hidden Side Portal | EUR19.99 | 189 pieces | Jack, Axel Chops, Scrimper, Waylon and Boss Ghost Lady E

70428 Hidden Side Jack’s Sand Buggy | EUR19.99 | 170 pieces | Jack, Parker, Scott Francis and Boss Ghost Trucker Dale

70429 Hidden El Fuego’s Stunt Plane | EUR29.99 | 295 pieces | Spencer, Jack, El Fuego, Mary Breaksom and Boss Ghost Harry Cane

70430 Hidden Side Newbury Subway Station | EUR29.99 | 348 pieces | Spencer, Jack, Parker, Pete Peterson and Boss Ghost Rat Shaun

70431 Hidden Side The Lighthouse of Darkness | EUR49.99 | 540 pieces | Jack, Skeleton, Parker, Jennie Napo, Claus Stormward and Boss Ghost Joe Ishmael

70432 Hidden Side Ghost Fairground | EUR49.99 | 466 pieces | Parker, J.B., Jack, Jimbo Loblo, Terry Top and Boss Ghost Tragico

Via Promobricks


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