Just a few days back, we had the reveal of the official pictures for the Collectible Minifigures Series 19. Now, via The Brick Shack, we have the first distribution count of the series in a box of 60 packs.

*(Please note that box distribution may sometimes vary slightly from box to box but they are generally pretty accurate from the first reveal)

CMF Series 19 Box Distribution Count - Box of 60
CMF Series 19 Box Distribution Count – Box of 60

What do you think about the distribution count? We are personally most disappointed about the Monkey King as we were hoping for it to be at least a 4x per box as it WILL be popular but the other distribution choices look pretty spot on. At least we seem to be done with the whole chase figure idea (1x per box) that was a sore point in both the Series 18 and Harry Potter series.

Via The Brick Shack



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