CapnRex101 from Brickset has shared via the Brickset forums about the box distribution of the Harry Potter CMF’s that they have received early for review and it’s a bit surprising. Most characters are 3 per box of 60 but only 5 have a differing ratio as explained below.

3 characters from the main Harry Potter timeline namely Sybil Trelawney, Luna Lovegood and Harry Potter(Invisibility Cloak) have a 2 per box of 60 ratio . At the same time, for the Fantastic Beasts lineup Credence Barebones shares the same 2 per while Percival Graves aka Gellert Grindelwald is the Chase figure with only one of them per box of 60!

This distribution ratio shared is based solely on the review box received by Brickset and does not mean all boxes will receive the same ratio but historically, the distribution ratio for all boxes have by and large been uniform across all boxes in the same series.
*Update: Brickfinder has received their review copy too and it carries the same distribution.

LEGO continues their recent trend of inserting a chase figure into their blind bag collection and some have voiced their displeasure in this but it seems to be a trend that’s likely to stay.

Here’s a link to the close up photos of all the minifigures in this series if you have not seen them yet

Thank you thebrickfan for highlighting the Brickset forum post


    • You’re right! We totally missed that. Credence is a 2 x fig in the list. We have since edited the photo to properly reflect that. Thank you.

    • We can’t be sure of that at the moment as it’s not widely released yet. The information of the fixed location for the policeman was previously only confirmed via anecdotal evidence as well. We guess only time will tell.

    • Know several people that got boxes early and it’s left row 1 of 1st five coming from back with most people finding it second or third from the back.

      • Wow, that seems like the exact few spots that the Policeman was discovered in most boxes. Thanks for the information Jon!


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