As a follow up to the 2018 special LEGO version of Newsweek (The Toy That Changed our Lives), a 2019 special LEGO version has just been released (Celebrating the Worlds Favourite Toy) and can also already be purchased online The price has increased remarkably from USD$10.99 for the 2018 version to USD$12.99 for the 2019 version.

Opening the box of a new LEGO set is a cultural touchstone in countries all over the world. In that moment, an adventure lies ahead before every child, every parent, as well as every grown-up finding that old inspirations can become new again. In this Official Collector’s Edition, created in concert with The LEGO Group, Newsweek explores the greatest playsets and builds in history, and reveals that perhaps the best is still yet to come.

Read exclusive interviews with members of The LEGO Group leadership team, including CEO Niels B. Christiansen and VP of Innovation William Thorogood and see where the future of the brand is headed. Plus, this issue features a special section celebrating the 20th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars, a partnership that has transformed playtime.

Some sample pages from the latest 2019 version are as below.



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