LEGO Store China has recently published their store calendar for April and it looks like a bountiful harvest for those holding out for gifts with purchases this year. We wonder if the same type of promotions will be happening worldwide.

*Please note that LEGO retail prices in China are higher compared to the US and Europe so a direct conversion will not work for most countries.

Gifts with Purchases

30451 – Spider-Man’s Mini Spider Crawler

Free with purchases of 349 RMB and above
*April 01 2019 to April 30 2019

30452 – Iron-Man and Dum-E

Free with purchases of 799 RMB and above (you can get the 30451 on top of this freebie if you spend 799 RMB and above)
*April 01 2019 to April 20 2019

40334 – Avengers Tower (Microscale)

Free with purchases of 1299 RMB and above (not stackable with any other promotion)
*April 19 2019 to April 30 2019

853958 – Easter Chick Pod

Free with purchases of 699 RMB and above (not stackable with any other promotion)
*April 21 2019 to April 27 2019

Make and Take activities

*April 15 2019 to 20 April  2019

Every Sunday 14:00 to 16:00 (Contact store for registration as places are limited, and for kids below 12 only)

China LEGO Store calendar April 2019




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