This is a continuation of a 2 part review of the 71023 LEGO MOVIE 2 Collectible Minifigures. See here for the 1st part which takes a look at the first 10 minifigures from the collection.

We start the 2nd part with a small view of the leaftlets provided. First impressions: They are folded much smaller than they used to be and some of them are curiously taped up while some aren’t. Also you’ll find a much thinner paper being used and the printing looks a bit washed compared to the high contrast colours of the previous leaflet. This is never going to be a deal-breaker but is an interesting observation to the changes made on top of the foil bag changes which are now produced by LEGO themselves instead of a supplier, according to Matthew Ashton (Design VP for LEGO), in response to a query to Twitter user, 4Sci.

These are now produced internally rather than with our supplier in China, the bags needed to be changed so we could use existing packing equipment on the production line. – @matthew_ashton

71023 LEGO Movie 2 Collectible Minifigures review Part 2

Candy Rapper

Candy Rapper is the 11th minifigure listed on the leaflet and will be the first minifigure to be shown in this 2nd part of the review. She has a white and pink colour theme. Her tutu is pleasantly detailed with the same sliver star on pink/white stripes as on the torso. Her leg is dual moulded with pink and white. As part of what we believe to be a pop quartet, she holds a similar pink microphone as Hula Lula and Flashback Lucy and also has a 1×2 transparent tile with a retro cassette tape print (Side A). Maybe she’s promoting her single ? Her pink hair is highlighted with some white white strands and a silver star. She has a winking face as well as a smiling face with pink blush on on both expressions

Gone Golfin’ President Business

President Business sure looks very cheerful outside of his business suit. He’s going golfing and comes with an all new golf club and suitable attire which consists of a green Argyle vest on top of a white shift as well as plaid shorts and green socks and shoes. He comes with side printing on the legs which detail the shorts, socks and shoes. President Business sports a happy expression and an apprehensive expression on the opposite side.

President Business is one of 5 characters returning from the LEGO MOVIE CMF Series 1.

Apocalypseburg Abe

Some will probably associate this with the film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.
Abe comes with plenty of detail. A new mould for his headpiece consists of a brown stovepipe with goggles and his beard. The torso is also wonderfully printed with silver and brown being the main accents and a touch of red for the sash. For his torso, he has a massive minifigure skeleton crossbones in front and a crossed axe motif below a brown stovepipe hat at the back. The sides of his arms are printed as is the front of his legs.

He comes with an angry expression on one side and a kind expression on the other. Abe is one of 5 characters returning from the LEGO MOVIE CMF Series 1.

Vest Friend Rex

Rex Dangervest will likely be having quite some screen time in The LEGO MOVIE 2. Here, he is seen with his dark blue baby raptor and his headpiece is new with the cowboy hat and hair moulded in the same piece. He has prints on the front and back of the torso as well as the front of the leg and also on the side of his arms. His head print consists of a nonchalant expression on one side and a hero type expression on the other.

Kitty Pop

Kitty Pop is the last minifigure who carries the pink microphone. She comes in the all new “reintroduced” Vibrant Coral/Salmon colour in reintroduced in 2019. We had to change the settings in our camera to try and capture how this colour really looks like. She has cat ears which has been reused from the Tiger Suit Gal from CMF Series 14 and wears a white tail. The character is wearing a cat print leotard costume and looks ready to shred the pink tiger striped white guitar in a concert. She has a cheerful face on one side and a normal face on the other.

Dorothy Gale & Toto

As one quartet ends, Another quartet starts. The first character from the Wizard of Oz is the main protagonist represented in LEGO form. Dorothy Gale has all new rubbery front hair pigtails with baby blue ribbons. She comes with a blue and white checked pinafore outfit and her red ruby slippers are present as well by red prints on the legs. She is accompanied by her loyal dog Toto in Dark Bluish Grey. She has a happy expression as well as an alternate puzzled one. All four of the Wizard of Oz minifigures are faithful representations of the 1939 feature film.

Cowardly Lion

Next we have the Cowardly Lion which comes with an all new mane, and minimal printing on his front and back torsos as well as the front leg to represent the fur. He is almost a monochromatic nougat/light flesh figure with the exception of his hands. He has a 1×2 medal/badge of valor “Triple Cross” as his accessory and his tail completes the character.
He comes with two expressions as do most minifigures in this lineup. One is happy and the other side shows an unhappy face (likely Lion is asked to something a little scary!) All four of the Wizard of Oz minifigures are faithful representations of the 1939 feature film.


The Scarecrow is up next with yet another all new mould for his hat.His attire is of a typical scarecrow with tufts of hay sticking out of his green shirt and a patched up pair of brown pants. He is only one of three minifigures in this series who doesn’t have an alternate expression. He carries his 2×2 tile certificate of achievement proudly All four of the Wizard of Oz minifigures are faithful representations of the 1939 feature film. This is only one of three minifigures with no alternate expression.


This handsome fellow is represented really well in LEGO form. He is fully made of tin and LEGO decided to symbolize this by creating him almost fully with a flat silver coloured minifigure with appropriately printed details for his shirt button and sleeves on the torso, as well for his pants and shoes for the leg. The front and back of the torso is also printed fully with metallic silver. His headpiece of a “funnel cap” is a completely new mould . He also has a flat silver collar. His accessories include his trusty axe and his pocket-watch heart printed on the all new for 2019 heart tile . All four of the Wizard of Oz minifigures are faithful representations of the 1939 feature film.


This Unikitty is no different from the Unikitty found in LEGO MOVIE sets. The inclusion of her in this lineup is likely just to satisfy he demands of those who have missed her the first time around. The weak neck found in the original Unikitty returns as LEGO has chosen to go with the old design instead of using the new elements introduced for the Unikitty standalone theme released in 2018.

Peculiarities and Oddities

Bags in bags
On top of the mentioned foil bag and leaflet changes, there is one that is most curious of all. 6 of the minifigures are packed with a transparent bag inside the foil bag. Inside the transparent bags are most of the elements of the minifigure except for just one element each.

The minifigures who have this curious arrangement are

1) Dorothy Gale & Toto
2) Hula Lula
3) Cowardly Lion
4) Kitty Pop
5) The Swamp Creature
6) Crayon Suit Girl

For the case of Dorothy Gale & Toto with Hula Lula, they are the only two minfigures with a fabric skirt accessory.
For the case of Cowardly Lion and Kitty Pop, they are the only two minifigures with a tail accessory.

One day this mystery will be resolved but we’re putting our fingers on it being something to ease processing (maybe two factories are involved in manufacturing and this ensures parts are not lost during transit?)

Spare Parts and tactile changes

The spare parts you’ll get with a full set of 20 minifigures!

We have not gotten spare parts in our CMF’s ever since it was stopped with Series 3 as documented by the excellent Whitefang. In normal LEGO sets, spares are given for small parts that are either easily lost by consumers or carry so little weight that there is a chance of it being missed out during the weight check. We can only assume that the change of location doesn’t only apply to the outer packaging but the element packaging as well.

Another curious observation is the connections on this series are tight. The CMF series has been; for ages mildly criticized for having slightly lower quality minifigures than for the one found in playsets. This is a highly tactile sensation especially when the heads are fitted in. Urban legend points to the fact that minifigures with a black bar on the neck(used for printing orientation alignment) are the better ones and we noticed this black bar on this series. Did this change while we weren’t paying attention or did this change sometime back?? Maybe Whitefang will have some similar observations and we can’t wait to read his/her review.


The part that we always look forward to when looking at reviews of the Collectible Minifigures. Just how many of each character are in a full box of 60?. We have heard a few reports in the last few days that seem to show that a box should have a full complement of 3 sets of 20 different minifigures.

We ourselves thought that this was the case when we did our part 1 of the review after opening most of the packs but after completing the full unboxing and arranging all of the minifigures for a small photoshoot, we realized that we had just 2x of Flashback Lucy and 4x of Candy Rapper!
Except those two, all the other minifigures share a 3x distribution ratio each in our box of 60. We are very curious if we got a box with an anomaly and would love to hear if anybody else has a similar distribution as ours when the sets are launched for general sale on Feb 1st 2019. A word of caution to all, historically, there have been anecdotes of box distribution differing by one minifigure or two. It’s not a given that all boxes share the same distribution.

This is a pretty well rounded CMF series with only the old Unikitty being a small disappointment but we recognize that this is probably to make up for the fact that she wasn’t in the first series of LEGO MOVIE Collectible Minifigures and this allows more children to have access to this popular character.

This set used for the review was sent to us by The LEGO Group for the purpose of a review. Provision of sets do not in any way influence or guarantee a positive review.



  1. Hi, excellent review. Was there a complete set per line of 20 in the box? , I have heard this was the case with other reviews, thanks.

    Regards Conor


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