This will be the first part of a set review of the 71023 LEGO Movie 2 Collectible Minifigures that will be released on Feb 1 2019. There are 20 minifigures in total and the question on everyone’s lips when these were announced were, “Which is the chase figure?”. Well, we start this review by confirming there is no chase figure! However, at least in our box there exists one character with a 2x distribution and another character with a 4x distribution. Other characters were found to be 3x per box of 60 *Updated 19 Jan 2019 with correct information.

Just by taking it out from the Brown shipper box, we saw that the box was a tad taller than usual. This is because the packs are now similar in size to the Unikitty Minifigures packaging released in 2018.

There were several interesting things when we opened the packs and we’ll delve into more detail in our following article. For now, here are the first 10 figures from this series.

71023 LEGO Movie 2 Collectible Minifigures review

Awesome Remix Emmet

This is the Emmet from the trailer, the always happy go lucky guy now stuck in an Apocalyptic World after the events of THE LEGO MOVIE. He’s wearing headphones which are molded onto the headpiece and he carries a mobile phone which is blasting something AWESOME and a takeaway cup of possibly some Overpriced Coffee from the Coffee Chain (now dubbed Coffee Unchained in the trailers and in the Welcome to Apocalypseburg! set)

He has a cheerful expression on one side and a SUPER cheerful expression on the other.

Battle Ready Lucy

This is the Lucy from the trailer, resident of Apocalypseburg (previously Bricksburg). She’s wearing a Dark Flesh hood which is moulded together with some cool looking goggles. She carries a black quiver of arrows and a pair of Light Bluish Grey binoculars.
Her legs are dual moulded with a black bottom half and a Reddish Brown Upper Half

She has cheerful expression on one side and a stern expression on the other.
There is side printing on both arms and carries the same “Mad Max” vibe as most of the other residents of Apocalypseburg.

Apocalypse Benny

Crowd favourite, Benny is back with his broken (but not) helmet but with a curious robotic arm. We wonder what happened to him? Will this be the reason why he’d be supposedly visiting his classic space buddies Kenny, Lenny and Jenny?

Of particular interest is the red toolbox with the Classic Space logo. Other than that, it’s also surprising that he carries an alternate stern face expression along with his every cheerful one.

Giraffe Suit Guy

Giraffe Suit guy. We’re guessing that this will be a popular figure in this series. Easily the tallest minifigure in this lineup thanks to his costume. This minifigure is generally pale yellow with an orange coat pattern that is prominent in the front and back of the torso, everywhere around the headpiece, on the sides of the arms and even on the sides of the legs. The leg itself is dual molded with reddish brown and pale yellow.

The headpiece itself is very detailed with a giraffe head clearly represented with ears, nose, mouth and the ossicones(horns) sculpts. The eyes of the girafee head are painted on as is the brown tufts of the ossicones.

As with the majority of the minifigures here, he carries two expressions too, one happy and one with just a smirk.

Crayon Suit Girl

A minifigurel in a purple crayon suit carrying a 2×2 tile of a purple crayon drawing of a minifigure head? Pretty meta.

As with most miniifigures with a headpiece that covers up most of the minifigure, she has no prints whatsoever on the underside . However, the dark purple accents on the bottom half of the dual moulded leg, the hands, the tip of the crayon headpiece and the flowers on the crayon acts as a contrast against the bare medium lavender body and arms. She even has light purple lipstick on!

Her two expression are on of being super cheerful and another being a slightly nervous smile.

Sherry Scratchen-Post & Scarfield

The old cat lady neighbour of Emmet is back. She is the only resident of Apocalypseburg in this series who does not have an alternate expression so she is in constant scowling mode.

She has the Apocalypseburg themed outfit with brown leather dominating the fashion with prints on the front and back torso, sides of arms and also in the front of the legs. Her cat, Scarface is a totally new mould as the mohawk is a moulded together.

With the exception of the missing alternate face print, LEGO has been generous with the prints on this figure with the cat having prints on both sides of the face as well.

Hula Lula

Our first view of what looks to be a 4-member group called the “Popular Group” and it’s a character who obviously loves green!

She wears a green Hula skirt, has a green ponytail hair, and wears a green floral blouse with green sandals. Her accessories include a pink microphone and a printed Record.

Expression included is a happy look and a neutral look.

Watermelon Dude

Another food themed mascot to join the crowd, This Watermelon dude has no torso prints and is enveloped by a massive pink watermelon slice over his body and carries a watermelon slice in his hand.

He has a happy expression and a “too cool” expression with shades. The Watermelon piece is quite obviously a new piece but we’re not quite used to pink watermelons just yet.
As usual, there is no print on his torso due to it being normally covered by the huge watermelon suit.

Flashback Lucy

Likely to be Lucy before she became a master builder. She looks likely to be a band member with Hula Lula. The colours on this minifigure are amazing except for that yellow print which looks very faded since it’s printed on top of a much darker colour.

She carries a pink mic and a Golden Record for the song “Everything is Awesome” earworm. She has an expression of a lead singer in full belt as well as alternately, a happy face. We love the funky colours of this whole getup from her hair to her off shoulder costume with shiny accents.

The Swamp Creature

The Swamp Creature. Another resident of Apocalypseburg?
We suppose so, since the creature also subscribes to the same fashion sense of brown leather and skulls!
Accessory is a brown whip and the creature has great detailed prints on the front and back of the torso and heads along with the printed legs. Creature has no alternate expression but the back of the head is printed with some green scales.

This has been the 1st part of a planned 2 part review. We explore the rest of the figures along with some interesting observations about the changes done in this series compared to the previous ones her in our second part of the review.

This set used for the review was sent to us by The LEGO Group for the purpose of a review. Provision of sets do not in any way influence or guarantee a positive review.




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