LEGO has released hundreds of new sets over the last few weeks and while looking at the pictures of these sets, members of the Eurobricks forums have found something pretty interesting. At the background of a promotional picture for the set 70841 Benny’s Space Squad, right above Benny’s head, a cluster of spaceships can be seen preparing to launch into orbit. That’s a cool photo by itself for sure.

Zoomed in view

However, this particular cluster of spaceships is also seen at the TV Spot trailer for THE LEGO MOVIE 2. At about 16 seconds, they are blasting off with Benny and the rest of the colourful crew Kenny, Jenny and Lenny in the foreground looking on.

TV Spot trailer

A mere coincidence or the artists took inspiration from the draft set pictures for the promotional material? LEGO has had a history of teasing us with upcoming sets revealed in existing set boxarts before as we have explored previously. Could this be something similar? A cluster of spaceships as part of the second wave Direct to Consumer set after the Welcome to Apocalypseburg! set would be AWESOME. Who doesn’t like spaceships?

Please note that this is all pure fun and speculation. 🙂 We have not seen LEGO release two D2C sets for a single feature length movie before but hey, who knows?



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