It’s 2019 and LEGO catalogues are being slowly released to the public. AsianBrickGeek recently went down the the LEGO Certified Store at The Curve, Malaysia and got his copy. Inside of it, a preview of the upcoming LEGO Movie 2 Collectible Minifigures is shown and the release date will be in February 2019 with the set number of 71023.

We have also managed, with the tip from Hothbricks, managed to extract the image from the PDF Brand Store catalogues uploaded by LEGO, for example this for China

What an eclectic bunch including some characters from the Wizard of OZ franchise.
Names are from Argos’s set description : Up till Down, from Left to Right

1. Candy Rapper
2. Dorothy Gale and Toto
3. Awesime Remix Emmet
4. Tinman
5. Crayon Suit Girl
6. Apocalypseburg Abe
7. Cowardly Lion
8. Kitty Pop
9. Giraffe Suit Guy
10. Vest Friend Rex
11. Unikitty
12. Gone Golfin’ President Business
13. Flashback Lucy
14. Battle Ready Lucy
15. Hula Lula
16. Scarecrow
17. Sherry Scratchen-Post & Scarfield
18. The Swamp Creature
19. Apocalypse Benny
20. Watermelon Dude

How do you like these Collectible Minifigures? Would the teased series coming out in May be a licensed one or an original idea variant which seems to come out only once yearly recently?



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