LEGO has been slowly releasing official images of the 2019 sets and here is their lineup of the Jan release of LEGO City vehicles.
A few solid releases here and we are sure that the Police Patrol Car will be loved by many and the LEGO City theme will continue to be a top theme for TLG(The LEGO Group). Prices listed are in Euros for the German market.


60218 Desert Rally Racer(€9.99)

60219 Heavy Loader (€9.99)

60220 Garbage Truck (4+)(€19.99)

60221 Diving Yacht(€19.99)

60222 Grooming Machine(€19.99)

60223 Harvester Transport(€29.99)

60239 Police Patrol Car(€9.99)

60240 Kayak Adventure(€9.99)



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