We now have visuals for the 2019 wave 1 of the Disney Princess line. There are several new elements seen. Especially of interest is set 41161 Aladdin and Jasmine’s Palace which has a cheeky Magic Carpet(Element first introduced in Joker’s Manor), new curved fence and a new archway! Also of interest is set 41162 which features 3 Disney Princesses in one set. Which set interests you most?

41158 Jasmine’s Tower (49pcs)

41159 Carriage Ride (91pcs)

41160 Ariel’s Castle (115pcs) 4+

41161 Aladdin and Jasmine’s Palace (193pcs)

41162 Ariel, Aurora & Tiana’s Royal Celebration (282pcs)

41163 Rapunzel’s Tower (44pcs)

Images from retail site : exoforce.ru


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