Fellow AFOL thebrickfan has found images of six upcoming LEGO Overwatch themed sets in the Target registry app and the Brickseek inventory checker. Here they are and we are expecting a Dec 2018/Jan 2019 release date for them. Reaper is the only minifigure to feature in two sets.

75970 – Tracer vs Widowmaker, 129pcs, USD 14.99

75971 – Hanzo vs Genji, 197pcs USD 19.99

75972 – Dorado Showdown, 419pcs (featuring McCree, Soldier 76 and Reaper) USD 29.99

75973 – D.Va & Reinhardt, 455pcs, USD 39.99

75974 – Bastion, 602pcs USD49.99

75975 – Watchpoint: Gibraltar, 730pcs (featuring Mercy, Winston, Reaper and Pharah) USD89.99

All six of the minifigure silhouettes previously posted up as a teaser have been revealed and the Reinhardt minifig is not shown on the front of the box but we are sure to get him too as the side of the box confirms his inclusion in the set.


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