Picture courtesy of Business Insider/Warner Bros. Interactive.

LEGO has announced that they have picked two LEGO IDEAS submissions from the first review of 2018 for official release. They will probably be released after the Pop-Up Book which was announced to be in development back in May 2018.

First off, the Treehouse by kevintreehouse was announced. Here is his 10k club interview. It does look a lot in concept like the Ewok Village UCS/MBS set designed by Marcos Bessa but we think it will fill in the gap and nostalgia of many collectors as well.

Picture courtesy of Business Insider/Warner Bros. Interactive.

Secondly, they announced the Flintstones by AndrewClark2 as well. It was a good surprise but not totally unexpected as some intrepid gamers have reached Bedrock via the TARDIS gamepack for the LEGO DIMENSIONS line previously back in 2015 so some licensing deal was probably in progress (or we’re thinking too much and it was just a harmless easter egg). Here is the 10k club interview for this submission.

Congratulations to both on the achievement. Looking forward to seeing those sets on the shelves.


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