Bricktober 2018 Singapore release schedule

Recently, Toys R Us Singapore released a short clip on their Facebook page detailing the Bricktober 2018 releases. As earlier reported, there will be 4 themes represented. They will be gifts with purchase with a minimum spend of S$70 and the schedule of release is as below.

**Malaysia shares the same schedule and the minimum spend is RM199. Thailand and Hong Kong have slightly different schedules and is updated at the end of the article.

1) 28 Sep – 4 Oct, Ninjago
2) 5 Oct – 11 Oct, Harry Potter
3) 12 Oct – 18 Oct, Jurassic World
4) 19 Oct – 26 Oct, Avengers Infinity War

Last year, the Batman themed pack was in high demand and sold out throughout the island by the end of the second day of release as all 4 Batman’s were unique. For the packs this year, 3 of the 4 packs will feature a minifigure that has surprisingly never been represented in LEGO minifigure form previously. However we do not think there will be a repeat of the unprecedented supply shortage this year although we think the Harry Potter pack will prove quite popular as well.

List of totally new minifigures

Harry Potter – Horace Slughorn (2nd one from the left)
Jurassic World – Ian Malcom (1st one from the left)
Avengers Infinity War – Wong (2nd one from the left)

We will continue monitoring the news from Malaysia and will update our readers once a schedule is released there.

Malaysia has released their promotion details and they will share the same released schedule as Singapore and the minimum purchase is RM199.

As a bonus, some other South East Asian countries have also released their respective schedules and we reshare it here (Correct at time of publishing) with the same sequence as Singapore : Ninjago, Harry Potter, Jurassic World, Avengers Infinity War

Thailand (Free with 2500 THB LEGO spend)
27 Sep -4 Oct – Ninjago
5 Oct – 11 Oct – Harry Potter
12 Oct -18 Oct – Jurassic World
19 Oct -24 Oct – Avengers Infinity War

Hong Kong (Free with 480 HKD LEGO spend)
19 Sep – 1 Oct – Ninjago
2 Oct -8 Oct – Harry Potter
9 Oct -15 Oct – Jurassic World
16 Oct -22 OCt – Avengers Infinity War


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