Bricksfanz and Brickfantatics were recently invited to a LEGO Harry Potter Product Showcase media event in central London where among other things, they were shown and “coerced to take” a previously unrevealed Wizarding World of Harry Potter polybag 30407, Harry’s Journey to Hogwarts back home.

This set is a very good teaser to the new wave of Harry Potter sets that will launch as early as July 1st in some parts of the world and Aug 1st elsewhere. This polybag is a relatively BIG upgrade over the previous polybag with this exact theme. The cage which contains Hedwig the owl itself looks pretty good, as is the tussled hairpiece of Harry.

We will need to wait a while longer till August for the new shorter articulated legs which were shown in the Collectible Minifigures reveal. LEGO mentions that the first wave of LEGO Wizarding World sets are themed around the ‘Return to Hogwarts’ based on Harry’s early years at Hogwarts.

This polybag is designed by Justin Ramsden and is expected to be parts of the promotional activities surrounding the release of the first few sets of the first wave of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter sets.

We end this with a link to a review of the set from Bricksfanz.





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