A future gift with purchase 40291 Creative Personalities has been unearthed by promobricks.de and featured in the June 2018 US Store calendar.

40291 Creative Personalities

The build is quite unique as it resembles a pop up book where on one side, it features Hans Christian Andersen sitting on a park bench writing what looks to be the “Ugly Duckling” Fable on a stone road with a kid holding a pretzel/cookie with a printed/stickered tile of “Hans Christian Andersen” while on the other side, there is a build of a swan in a pond complete with flowers and water feature.

Of course, there is a famous Hans Christian Andersen statue in Central Park New York that also depicts this scene and a famous feature of this statue is that, every summer on Saturday mornings from 11am to 12pm, there will be professional storytellers here reading classics from Mr. Andersen to young children. This larger than life statue by Georg John Lober is a children’s statue and is “meant to be climbed on and is a popular attraction for kids”. We guess this is why the scene is completed with a kid holding a pretzel(Danish cookies are magnificent!)

Hans Christian Anderson Central Park
credit : wikimedia

Based on currently available information, the LEGO build is available as a gift with purchases of USD99 and Euro 65 respectively in USA and Germany.

Here are some shots of the packaging courtesy of promobricks.de again.


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