Amazon UK provides us with images of the upcoming 60200 Capital City set and it looks huge. LEGO City has always been an evergreen theme in the LEGO portfolio and they have come out with a couple of “flaghip-ish” sets recently in the guise of 60206 Town Square and 60097 City Square.

They look to have stepped it up even further this year.
60020 manualAs there was no price in the listing, we tried to do up some reverse investigation to estimate the possible list price. Based on photos from a Instastory of a Legoland Billund trip by @je_toyphotography (hope that @je_toyphotography got the wish of a Series 18 policeman during that trip!), it looks to be retailing for 1099 DKK which is the same listed price as the 60162 Jungle Air Drop helicopter on the Danish S@H. In turn, 60162 is listed as USD149.99 so we will estimate that will also be the US list price of the 60200 Capital City set


60020 box front

60020 content

Buildings included look to be a Hotel, a Museum facade, a vert half pipe and a news stand.
Vehicles included look to be a Open top tour bus, an ice cream bike, a sports car, an electric car and a crane. We also count at least 13 minifigures (including one caveman statue).

Thanks to Bricks and bricks for the initial tip of the listing by Amazon UK.


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