A nice looking Creator 3 in 1 set has been revealed on alternate.de. This is the Pirate Roller Coaster set which consists of 923pcs. The 3 builds (Initial build has to be dismantled to build the next model) are

Main model : Pirate Roller Coaster
B model : Viking Boat/Pirate Ship pendulum ride
C model : Circular Train Ride.

A smattering of fairground stalls and stands are included when you build the smaller models, probably to make full use of the available bricks.

Here are the pictures of each model as presented on the site (Click to zoom in the flickr page)

31084 front of box

31084 back of box

31084 - Pirate Coaster

31084 - Pirate Coaster

31084 - Classic Pirate Ship/Viking Boat

31084 - Classic Pirate Ship/Viking

31084 - Train Track Circle Liftarm

31084 - Train Track Circle Liftarm


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