LEGO 41597 Go Brick Me! has been revealed and featured in the New York Toy Fair 2018 LEGO booth. This set is essentially an all-in one customizable Brickheadz set for the owner to create a Brickheadz model of yourself, your family or whomever you wish to build. The back of the box showcases some of the cool designs we can make including a classic hipster with square rimmed glasses, a snapback cap and a beard and many other variety of characters.

Price is set at USD29.99, consists of 708pcs and will go on retail sales starting April 1 2018. If it stays within the SGD50-55 or MYR150-MYR160 range, we’ll be picking up a few copies. We are sure this will endear to AFOLs and non AFOLs alike. The amazing number of slopes, plates and tiles are sure to excite the AFOL including what looks like two brand new molds for a circle and square spectacles.

We are pretty sure plenty of “influncers” will be provided with early review sets so we’ll keep a lookout for those reviews/videos. We are excited at how this set will pan out.

Pictures from @vintoito and @bzpower

picture credit : @vintoito
picture credit : @vintoito
picture credit : @bzpower


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