Jake Sadovich, the IDEAS submitter for the SHIP IN A BOTTLE IDEAS project has recently received his set from LEGO. Here are the pictures courtesy of Mr. Sadovich and a final comment he posted on AFOLs of Facebook after he completed his build of the official set.

Very satisfying build (I admit I may be a little biased) but I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think you will also. Lots of fun techniques and parts in new colors and no stickers and on and on and on….
I could say more but I’ll let you guys and gals decide for yourselves, I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the build in a couple weeks.
I’d like to say thank you again to everyone who supported this project on LEGO Ideas, without your help this wouldn’t be a thing, so thank you. And a very big thank you to those of you who suggested I submit it in the first place, it was your suggestions and the overwhelmingly positive response to my first posted pictures of my original moc that made me think it was worth giving it a try, so yeah, thank you AFOLs thank you thank you thank you

We are looking forward to purchasing this IDEAS set and we are expecting that this set will get a lot of love from both the AFOL community and the non AFOL but LEGO loving community at large.


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