25037925_862598053907956_7254982971705262080_nWe were recently alerted to a new Star Wars polybag from LEGO that has reached Toys R US USA for USD5.99 a pack and will be sold on and after 9th Jan 2018. This is the “DJ” character played by Benicio Del Toro in the recent The Last Jedi movie.

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This will be the third LEGO STAR WARS polybag that carries a minifigure with this format(A personalized based with a technic pin for expansion) with the first being a R3-M2 astromech droid from Rogue One and the second being a Scarif Stormtrooper@Shoretrooper, also from Rogue One.
The background provided seems to show that DJ is on the spaceship that he and BB-8 acquired from Canto Bight.


40176We are a bit puzzled that LEGO decided to make DJ part of this collection as  They could have easily made it into a family of PORGS.

Anyway, we leave you with a image of DJ relaxing in his new found digs from Canto Bight sourced from the internet.



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