Matt from mc_survival_man has recently visited Legoland Florida and has found several new exclusives for Legoland including a Micro Legoland Castle 40306 and a Legoland Pirate frame 40389.

Here are the building instructions for the Micro Legoland Castle from LEGO if you need them and can’t reach a LEGOLAND anytime soon.

He has also kindly captured the prices of these sets as seen in the pictures below. We expect that the Flower Display and Valentine’s Bee will be sold at Lego Brand Retail and Shop @ Home as well.

40306 Micro Legoland Castle – USD19.99
40389 Legoland Pirate Frame – USD14.99
40187 Flower Display – USD5.99
40270 Valentine’s Bee – USD9.99

Both the new Legoland sets look pretty neat and the Micro Legoland Castle set could have been a nod to the newly launched Legoland Castle Hotel in Windsor, England or even the soon to be launched Legoland Castle Hotel at California, USA.

Is this a pre-cursor to the return of the Castle theme to regular LEGO sets? Time will tell.

Here is a quick review of the set:

40306 Mini Castle Review



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