LEGO 40306 – Mini Legoland Castle Review.
A friend of Candidbricks brought back the Legoland micro castle set from our nearest Legoland in Malaysia and we do a quick review of the set.


Box is the typical “lifestyle” format with predominantly yellow branding. Unboxing the set reveals 3 packets of bricks and a black 8×16 plate.

40306 Box Front

40306 Box Back

40306 ContentsAfter the first floor of the castle is completed, we see some small interior detail that is realized via some reddish brown elements while some light bluish grey masonry bricks make up most of the walls of the castles interspersed with a few dark bluish grey headlight bricks and some 1×1 cylinders to give it some texture.
Green plates and the newish flower elements were used to convey the greenery around the castle while the light azure tiles probably represents the moat around the castle.

40306 First floor
At the end of the build, the castle features some mini towers with a variety of “flags”, a small Brickley dragon build jutting out from the side, white teeth elements as shields and some small trees to complete the environs. Jumper plates and 1×1 studs up on top of the castle represent the “Embrasures”

Completed, Front

40306 Complete Back

Complete Brickley

Complete angleThe top of the castle shows the courtyard/Bailey of the castle at the left and a covered area of the castle most likely housing some throne room or hall.

40306 topIn short, this would make a good gift for anyone visiting Legoland. Priced at Malaysian Ringgit 59.90 and at US$19.90 in the USA, it’s not too bad of a giftset to purchase for friends/family after an enjoyable trip to Legoland.



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      You might want to check your nearest legoland or reseller sites like eBay.
      Stay safe.


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