Several lifestyle (LEGO store exclusive sets) have been uncovered from the LEGO shop image repository and re-shared by the LEGO community at large.

First up, we have the Flowers set – 40187 . This set might be a replacement for the 852786 Rose set which was pre-glued at point of sale. There does not seem to be an indication on the box that this set will be pre-glued as well. The 100pcs set consists of a stalk of daisy and a stalk of rose, both in their own pots/containers and would be very well suited as a table decoration of sorts though we suspect that the possible release date will tie in nicely with Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing overtly complicated with the build although the black clip used to hold the “leaf” to the stalk might irk some of us as it breaks from the whole green colour scheme.


The second new lifestyle set to be uncovered is the NEW for 2018 Wedding Favour set. This is probably very well received by the market as it has seen regular updates with the most recent update being in Year 2016 with the 40165 Minifigure Wedding Favor set.
This time round, we get the 40197 set which again bumps up the piece count from the previous 89pcs to the current 139pcs and includes plenty of nice builds and pieces such as the new flower and leaf elements, a brickbuilt archway and runway complete with water, stone and flower elements and even a wedding cake complete with a topper of a white and black microfig representing the bride and the groom. We have gone a long way since the first modern wedding favor set released in 2011 which was essentially two minifigures on a white baseplate and decorated with cardboard (See gallery below)

40197_alt1 40197



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