It seems that LEGO is fully invested in the Brickheadz theme.
Brickset and have both announced that the LEGO servers have been updated to show that the Brickheadz Bee seems to be a seasonal LEGO store exclusive for 2018 and will represent Valentine’s Day.

4027040270_alt1In addition, the boxart at the back of the box also reveals the rest of the seasonal sets – 5 other Brickheadz which will represent the other seasons that is historically celebrated yearly by LEGO with a set release. We have :

Easter – Bunny
Thanksgiving – Turkey
Halloween – Witch
Winter – Mr. Claus and Mrs. Claus

This carries on the recent practice of alternating seasonal sets exclusively between vignettes (small scenes of minifigures) and character builds on a yearly basis
Before 2015, in a particular year, seasonal sets were a mix between vignettes and character builds.

2015 – Vignette
2016 – Character Builds
2017 – Vignette
2018 – Character Builds (Brickheadz)

40270_alt240270_alt3Keeping up with the Brickheadz tradition, it will also feature a base plate for the build and a printed 2×4 tile. This time around, it’s the Brickheadz logo accompanied with a calendar with a star marked date and the words “Seasonal” but they have opted to go without printing anywhere else in the build with the exception of the default Brickheadz eyes.


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